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Navtech completes largest single installation

The opening of the Ryfast tunnel in Stavanger, Norway marked the successful completion of Navtech Radar’s largest single installation to date. 102 radars installed and commissioned, covering a total of 28.8km, to increase safety in the world's longest subsea road tunnel.

Ryfast Tunnel, Norway

Increasing safety in the world’s longest subsea road tunnel

Our ClearWay system is providing fully automated detection and tracking of all highway activity in the Ryfast tunnel including Automatic Incident Detection, Stopped Vehicle Detection, Pedestrian Detection, and Wrong-way Driver Detection. The system sends an alert to the control room and directs cameras to record the incident. It means, with no intervention, the operators in the control room can instantly see what's happening.

Full situational awareness in an emergency

As well as detecting incidents, our ClearWay system gives emergency teams full situational awareness when responding to an event in the tunnel, such as a fire. The tunnel can take 20 minutes to drive through, and our radars, which can see through hot smoke and fire, together with Clearway's Situational Awareness technology, provide the emergency services with a real-time overview of what's happening in the tunnel, so they can make informed decisions.

Navtech radar in Ryfast Tunnel

The CTS radar in Ryfast Tunnel

Safer road network for Norway

The Ryfast tunnel, which opened on 30 December 2019, is one of eleven tunnels Navtech Radar has successfully commissioned to increase safety on the road network in Norway, with four more underway. The ClearWay system in the Ryfast tunnel is designed with full redundancy. This means if a radar or server fails for whatever reason, another radar or server can immediately take its place. This is one of the many ways we ensure faultless performance when safety is critical. We worked closely with leading systems integrator, Roxel, throughout the installation and are proud to be part of Statens vegvesen's innovative Ryfast Tunnel project, which is benefiting the people of Stavanger every day.

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Article first published: 16/06/2020

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