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Industrial Automation Solutions


Robust mining sensors designed for extreme conditions and mission-critical applications.

Ensuring continuous operation, minimising downtime, and improving miner safety for autonomous mining processes.

Robust performance from cost-effective industrial radar sensors

In mining's harsh conditions, where sensors endure heavy shock, dust, and extreme weather, and where any downtime is costly for operators, robust operation is vital. Radar delivers uninterrupted operation, without the need for cleaning.

All-weather, all-conditions sensing

Millimetre radio waves that penetrate dust, fog, rain, and dirt.

Robust reliability: mining-ready sensors

Exceeding DEF STAN 00-035 shock and vibration standards, ensuring continuous operation.

Maintenance-free solution

No need for cleaning or regular maintenance, delivering uninterrupted performance and cost efficiency.

Compact design and hassle-free integration

360° single-sensor solution and open data access to reduce complexity.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Robust sensing for mining safety

Navtech Radar’s industrial-grade sensors can withstand extreme vibrations and are unaffected by dust and dirt in a mine. The high-resolution, 360°, long-range radar builds a data-rich picture of its surroundings, whatever the conditions, like no other single sensor can. Despite the adverse conditions, no cleaning of the sensors is required, meaning no costly disruption to your operations. Use our sensors for reliable detection, monitoring and enhanced safety.

Navtech’s sensors are robust and reliable, making them an ideal solution for many autonomous mining applications such as profile monitoring on bucket wheel machines, wall detection in underground mines, anti-collision on ship loaders, belt monitoring for conveyors, car dumper residual material scanning,  crusher FOD detection, wagon content volume monitoring, object detection from a wheel automated mining vehicle, train wagon gap spotting, and linear positioning of a ship-to-shore crane alongside a quay.

Reliable stockpile monitoring

Navtech’s sensors work autonomously in all weather and light conditions, so you can operate your site 24/7, safely and efficiently.  The sensor can measure the profile of the stockpile prior to each pass of an excavation bucket and immediately after the material has been collected. This means the precise volume that has been reclaimed can be calculated and the re-claimers position can be adjusted accordingly in order to optimise the capacity for the next excavation.

Despite being installed in dusty and dirty environments, the radar does not require any cleaning, so performance remains unaffected. Designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years, our industrial-grade radar sensors are consistently reliable. We rigorously test the performance of every radar to withstand all conditions.

Building alliances with experts

Navtech Radar partners with local system integrators to revolutionise mining automation. By combining our state-of-the-art radar technology with the specialised market knowledge of our integrator allies, we tackle diverse challenges in the mining sector. This collaboration goes beyond traditional supplier relationships, fostering a dynamic exchange of expertise.

Together, we provide tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with mining operations, optimising efficiency and safety. Our strategic partnerships extend beyond product delivery to continual innovation, allowing us to replicate successes in new geographies and evolve our radar products to meet industry demands. Navtech Radar, and our system integrator partners, deliver impactful solutions that drive efficiency and enhance safety.


Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system to unlock complete performance in any condition.

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