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KTS Radar Certified for US

Making road networks safer

The new ClearWay KTS350-X radar is opening new markets. Following its launch for use in Korea earlier this year, we have successfully gained FCC certification so it can now be used in the USA.

ClearWay is an intelligent safety solution for highways, tunnels and bridges. It continuously monitors all highway activity with fully automated detection and tracking. It operates in all weather and light conditions, so you can rely on it in fog, rain, snow, bright sunlight and complete darkness, when it is needed most. ClearWay provides reliable Stopped Vehicle Detection, Automatic Incident Detection, Traffic Flow Monitoring and other features to improve road safety and efficiency.

The new KTS350-X has a whole new radar design so that it can operate in the Ka band frequency range and meet the same specifications and high performance of our 77GHz market-proven CTS radar. This has allowed it to be certified for use in more parts of the world such as Korea, and now the USA.

KTS radar

Read more about the ClearWay KTS350-X radar and its technical specifications.

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