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Navtech Radar's millimetre wave FMCW radar is a superior solution for short-range small target detection in the marine industry, filling a gap in marine automation that traditional X-band radar cannot.

Superior detection capabilities in challenging marine environments

Delivering advanced marine automation solutions to drive efficiency and safety when other sensors fail.

Superior detection capability

Unparalleled situational awareness in challenging environments, for short-range, small targets.

Detect small objects

Millimetre wave FMCW radar technology detecting small targets at less than 500m range.

Reliable solution

A reliable marine automation solution, allowing safe operation in any conditions.

Easy to integrate

Hassle-free installation, with minimal maintenance over the sensor's lifetime.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Unrivalled marine automation from proven technology

The transition towards autonomous maritime operations faces many challenges, including certification hurdles and sensor quality. Traditional sensors can be impaired by poor weather, low light, sunlight contamination, and salt spray on the sensors – all common occurrences in this environment. They can also have limited success when detecting smaller objects that are within close range, a vital requirement for autonomous navigation.

Our radar solutions have superior detection capabilities, operating at long range as well as detecting small objects at ranges of less than 500m. Navtech’s millimetre wave FMCW radar technology is an already proven automation solution being used successfully in the mining industry, delivering uninterrupted performance in extreme and challenging conditions. This proven technology can be utilised across various marine applications including: auto-docking, small target detection for unmanned surface vessels (USVs), situational awareness for inland barges, target-free dynamic positioning reference sensor, and vessel traffic monitoring in congested waterways.


Situational Awareness for marine applications

Situational awareness is vital for autonomous vessels which need to navigate congested waterways. While large ships can be detected by traditional marine radars, wherever navigation is autonomous, small objects, such as boats and buoys, must also be detected.

Our sensors can be operated in many different configurations, including a high-precision mode, where objects as small as 4.4cm in size can be detected at less than 500m, in all weather and lighting conditions.

More than a technology partner

Navtech has earned an unrivalled reputation for products that are high-performance, robust, and extremely reliable.

Ensuring you get the best out of your technology, we go above and beyond delivery, prioritising innovation and knowledge transfer. By working with us, you have access to a team of experts offering global support and a lasting relationship.


Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system to unlock complete performance in any condition.

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