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security solution

AdvanceGuard for Airports

High-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software.

Reliable detection inside and outside the perimeter, enabling multiple airside safety and security operations.

All weather security solution for airside security and operations

AdvanceGuard for airports provides comprehensive monitoring inside and outside the perimeter, across land and water surfaces. It tracks unlimited targets, automatically directs cameras for visual verification, and operates 24/7/365 in all conditions.

Easy to integrate, it enhances existing security systems, offering an adaptable airside dashboard for complete situational awareness. The high-resolution sensors automate critical airside tasks like critical part (CP) line monitoring, apron monitoring, runway incursion detection, surface movement radar (SMR), and foreign object debris (FOD) detection. It optimises airside operations by eliminating human error and reducing costs while ensuring reliable detection and situational awareness in all conditions.Featuring multiple virtual zones, AdvanceGuard warns operators in advance, enabling proactive threat management. With friend or foe integration, it distinguishes legitimate activity, reducing false alarms and bolstering operator confidence. The long-range 360° sensors cover large areas with minimal infrastructure, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficient deployment.

Technical Information

HDR300 Series Up to 3km range
HDR200 Series Up to 1km range
HDR100 Series High-precision for small areas

For applications with unobstructed line of sight for up to 3km, the HDR300 provides our most cost-effective coverage from the AdvanceGuard sensors range.

Technical Specification
Indicative Range
Update Rate
Azimuth Beamwidth
Up to 3,000 metres
1 Hz
1,000 metres
2-1 Hz
1.8 Hz
300 metres
4-1 Hz
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