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Security Solutions

Oil and Gas

Automatic wide area surveillance in all conditions.

From the hottest deserts to the coldest winters, know what's on your site - and where.

Navtech’s security solution for wide area surveillance of oil and gas facilities is scalable and future-proof. The long-range radar sensors detect any movement on site for up to a 5km radius or 79km², which means less infrastructure and lower maintenance costs. Unlike cameras, radar penetrates the atmosphere and can see through rain, snow, fog, or dust. It means, day or night, this system’s got it covered with a 360° view on both sides of the perimeter.

Tailored rules for virtual zones help set off alarms based on factors like direction, speed, and target classification. Integration with friend or foe identification tags can eliminate nuisance alarms. When a rule is broken, automatic alarms trigger, directing cameras to provide visual verification. It can also be integrated with existing video management systems (VMS), physical security information management (PSIM) systems, and ADAM relay for a complete Integrated Security System (ISS).

Oil Refineries

Oil refineries face significant challenges in perimeter protection due to their vast and complex nature.

The presence of critical infrastructure and the potential for hazardous materials demand reliable intrusion detection systems. Balancing the need for security with operational efficiency poses a challenge, requiring sophisticated technologies to minimise false alarms.

Gas Pipelines and Oil Pump Stations

Securing extensive gas pipelines and oil pump stations presents challenges in maintaining comprehensive protection.

Adequate surveillance is crucial to cover vast areas, diverse terrains, and critical infrastructure. Balancing security with operational continuity, especially in remote locations, requires advanced technologies to promptly detect and respond to potential threats.

Full situational awareness of both sides of the perimeter

High-performance and reliable detection in all weather and environmental conditions. With a 5km range and 360° scanning capability, it covers expansive areas of up to 79km².

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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