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navtech radar solutions

Problems We Solve

Our ground-breaking technology is utilised by clients across industry sectors, including security surveillance, industrial automation, and traffic safety.

Security Applications

Navtech’s innovative, wide area surveillance system provides automatic continuous surveillance to both sides of the perimeter. It uses high-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software to protect complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur together, including airfields and large storage areas.

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Industrial Automation Applications

Compact in design, yet engineered to withstand extreme vibration and temperatures, Navtech’s sensors deliver unrivalled outdoor sensing for automation, providing critical data when it’s needed most.

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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Applications

Navtech’s ITS safety system provides comprehensive automatic incident detection and traffic data for highways, tunnels, operators and emergency services. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen and in harsh tunnel environments.

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Our Markets
Emergency Services
We work with emergency services to improve tunnel safety in the event of a serious incident providing real-time the location of people and vehicles.
ITS Integrators and Contractors
We work with Intelligent Transport System (ITS) integrators and contractors around the world to demo, trial, install, commission, and support our radar technology.
ITS Consultants
We work with Intelligent Transport System (ITS) consultants around the world to design and specify our technology for road, tunnel, and bridge projects.
Tunnel Operators
We work with tunnel operators to improve safety, such as in the Ryfast Tunnel in Norway, where 102 radar cover 28.8km of subsea tunnel, providing automatic incident detection.
Concession and Toll Road Operators
Concession and toll road operators and Public-Private-Partnerships, use our technology to improve road safety and accurately report on KPIs.
Departments of Transport
We work with DoTs and our network of partners across the US to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability on the roadway.
Highway Authorities
We work with highway authorities across the world to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability on their strategic road networks.
Enabling radar technology for industrial autonomous vehicles, to ensure seamless operation both on- and off-road, and in marine environments, regardless of weather or environmental conditions.
Navtech's industrial-grade sensors provide reliable anti-collision detection in all weather and light conditions.
Navtech supports logistics operators to navigate complex environments with confidence, minimising the risk of collisions and disruptions.
Navtech Radar provides high-resolution, 360° long-range sensors for reliable object detection, enhancing safety and minimising schedule disruptions in rail environments.
Navtech Radar's millimetre wave FMCW radar is a superior solution for short-range small target detection in the marine industry, filling a gap in marine automation that traditional X-band radar cannot.
Robust mining sensors designed for extreme conditions and mission-critical applications. Ensuring continuous operation, minimising downtime, and improving miner safety for autonomous mining processes.
Oil Refineries
Detect intruders within a 5km range.
Oil and Gas
Automatic wide area surveillance in all conditions.
Protecting reliable electricity transmission.
Power Plants
Reliable detection over land and water.
Complete situational awareness in the harshest environments.
Vehicle Distribution Centres
High-performance intrusion detection system.
Surface Mining
Uninterrupted detection and tracking in all conditions.
Industrial Security
Uncompromised reliable detection and tracking.
Water Desalination
Wide area surveillance in all environmental conditions.
Land and water intrusion detection.
Overcome challenging terrains and harsh weather conditions.
Critical Infrastructure
Know what's on your site - and where.
Airside Operations
Cost-effective high-resolution radar-based solution for airside operations.
Airside Security
Detect and track unlimited targets and create multiple alarm zones with independent rules.
Uninterrupted and reliable detection and tracking of airside activity.