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Wrong-Way Driver Detection

Detect and track drivers travelling in the wrong direction on a highway or in a tunnel using 360° long-range radar.

Navtech's wrong-way driver detection system can be deployed on off-ramps and across the mainline. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility, when accidents are more likely to happen, and in harsh tunnel environments.


What is wrong-way driver detection?

Wrong-way driver detection is the capability to identify vehicles travelling against the direction of traffic on your network.

A wrong-way driver detection system reduces the time it takes for operators to know a wrong way driver is on their network from minutes to seconds. Without such technology, wrong-way driving incidents are typically called in by the public, highway officers, or the police, after which the vehicle will still need to be located. This leaves operators unsure of which sections of the road to close and where to deploy response teams and set warning signs.


Why use radar for wrong-way driver detection?

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, common causes of wrong-way driving accidents include driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol – with most incidents occurring in the early hours of the morning – and poor visibility, such as heavy rain or fog, which causes drivers to become confused and enter the motorway on the exit ramp, for example. In these conditions, radar continues to work and other technologies start to fail. Radar also works in harsh tunnel environments where wrong-way driving incidents are very serious events.

ITS SOLUTION Why use Navtech's 360° radar solution?

Navtech’s wrong-way driver detection system detects vehicles travelling against the direction of traffic in seconds. It can be integrated with your traffic management system to automatically trigger warning signs or close a tunnel.

With Navtech’s radar-based system, the wrong-way driver can be tracked and monitored in real-time along the roadway ensuring operators will know the precise location of the wrong-way vehicle on their network

Navtech’s wrong-way driver detection system can installed as a single sensor on off ramps, with only power required, or as a networked solution covering the whole of the mainline as well. In addition to detecting across motorways, our wrong way driver detection is installed in tunnels where low false alarm rates mean it is trusted to automatically trigger the closure of the tunnel when an incident is detected.

Our 360° long-range radar mean the entire roadway or tunnel is monitored 24/7 with fewer sensors. The same system can provide a whole suite of automatic incident detection and traffic data capabilities. For example, if you already have our stopped vehicle detection installed, you can add wrong way driver detection with a software upgrade.

Detects wrong-way drivers in seconds

ClearWay detects wrong-way drivers in seconds, so operators can respond more quickly.

Live vehicle location and tracking

With Navtech's radar-based system, operators will know the precise location of the wrong-way vehicle on their network in real time.

Proven low false alarm rates

ClearWay is trusted by tunnel operators to automatically trigger a tunnel closure when it detects a wrong-way vehicle, such as in the Ryfast Tunnel in Norway, where it is installed across 28.8 km of tunnel.

Multiple applications from one system

The same system can deliver wrong-way driver detection alongside other AID and traffic data capabilities such as on the 27km Transmission Gully Motorway in New Zealand, which opened in 2022.


Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system can provide further actionable data such as vehicle count and classification.

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