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Land and Water Detection

Fully automated solution providing long-range, highly accurate and reliable surveillance across both ground and water surfaces.

Land and water detection

Customised virtual zones, with different parameters for different surfaces

Complex sites with land-water boundaries demand sophisticated protection against intrusion. Navtech’s security solution addresses this with a high-resolution, 360° radar that intelligently analyses threats. It detects people, vehicles, swimmers, and vessels, even at a distance of up to 5km, ensuring early threat identification.

Integrating with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), authorised vessels can be tagged not to generate an alarm, thus reducing false positives. This feature is particularly beneficial for sites adjacent to busy waterways where numerous friendly craft may operate.

Land and water detection

Real-time detection in all weather and light conditions

Navtech’s solution networkability means sensors can be linked across a site, ensuring coverage of the entire site. It offers a seamless surveillance solution encompassing both land and water perimeters, inside and out. With its advanced detection and tracking capabilities, security teams are equipped with real-time information in all weather and light conditions, ensuring they can respond to potential incursions swiftly and effectively. The system’s scalability adapts to the evolving needs of complex site security.

Fully integrable solution An essential component of an integrated security system

Design multiple virtual zones on various terrains with a single sensor, each with bespoke rules. Compatible with most security technologies, it directs cameras for instant visual confirmation of alerts.

AIS Integration

AIS Integration allows for precise vessel identification, authorising or flagging them, significantly reducing unwarranted alarms and enhancing the operator's situational awareness.

Real-time analysis

The system provides real-time tracking and analysis, suitable for complex, changing security needs of sites with mixed terrains.

Reliable detection

High-definition, 360° scanning radar and intelligent rules-based software work in all weather and light conditions, including fog, rain, sandstorm, or complete darkness.

Complete situational awareness

Operators can detect and track movement from a user-friendly interface, providing full situational awareness of the entire site.

Radar solutions for security

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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