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Departments of Transport

360° radar solution for freeways, tunnels, and bridges.

We work with Departments of Transport (DoTs) and our network of delivery partners across the US to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability on the roadway.

ITS technology: improving journeys and advancing safety

Comprehensive automatic incident detection and traffic data, all from the same system.


Safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Navtech is working with DoTs and our network of US partners to trial and deploy our combined automatic incident detection (AID) and traffic data solution on the freeway. Our introduction to the US market comes after our recent development of the KTS radar to meet US frequency requirements for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology. It means that the proven safety solution we have deployed around the world is now available in the US.

From projects in Maryland, where we have been selected due to our additional functionality in comparison to other AID technologies, to standalone radar deployments for wrong-way driver detection on off-ramps, and meeting requirements for both incident detection and traffic count data with the same system, we can help you operate your roads more safety, efficiently, and sustainably.

360° radar can cover the entire freeway with fewer sensors compared to alternative technologies, reducing the number of roadside technologies. Our ITS solution requires no servicing or maintenance for 10+ years keeping road workers out of harm’s way.


ClearWay is Navtech’s highway, tunnel, and bridge ITS system. ClearWay combines patented radar technology and advanced radar analytics software to deliver safety when its needed most.

  • 360° field-of-view
  • Up to 1km or 2/3rds of a mile coverage per radar
  • Multiple capabilities
  • Customisable alert rules
  • Hardwired and 4G options
ClearWay Overview
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