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Highway Authorities

360° radar solution for highways, tunnels, and bridges.

We work with highway authorities across the world to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability on their strategic road networks.

ITS technology: improving journeys and advancing safety

Comprehensive automatic incident detection and traffic data, all from the same system.

Automatic incident detection

Navtech's automatic incident detection system improves journeys and advances safety on roads and in tunnels.

Stopped vehicle detection

Navtech's stopped vehicle detection system advances safety on any roadway where it is operational.

Wrong-way driver detection

Navtech's wrong-way driver detection system can be deployed on off-ramps and across the mainline.

Debris detection

Detect debris in the path of vehicles on a highway or in a tunnel using 360° long-range radar.

Queue detection

Navtech's queue detection system detects queuing traffic on a highway or in a tunnel using 360° long-range radar.

Pedestrian detection

Detect and track vulnerable road users on a highway or in a tunnel using 360° long-range radar.

Wildlife detection

Navtech's wildlife detection system detects and tracks wildlife near the highway using 360° long-range radar.

Hard shoulder monitoring

Navtech's hard shoulder monitoring detects stopped vehicles, debris and pedestrians in seconds on a hard shoulder using 360° long-range radar.

Travel time

Navtech's ITS system collects accurate travel time data using 360° long-range radar.

Vehicle counting and classification

Navtech's ITS system collects vehicle counting and classification data using 360° long-range radar.

Situational awareness for tunnel operators

Monitor traffic flow and automatic incident detection alerts using Navtech's situational awareness interface.

Situational awareness for emergency services

In a serious incident, ClearWay displays real-time tunnel occupancy.


Safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Roads, bridges, and tunnels are the economic highways of any country. They are critical for the movement of goods and people. Today’s combined pressures of increased demand, net zero, and zero harm targets mean highway authorities need to operate their roads more safely, efficiently, and sustainably than ever before.

Navtech works with highway authorities around the world to do just this. From installations in Sweden, where our automatic incident detection (AID) is improving safety by reducing secondary incidents in severe winter weather, to working in Australia on the Kwinana Freeway, where our AID is improving traffic flow and reducing journey times through the faster recovery of broken down vehicles.

Our Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution requires no return visits to the installed radar for its 10-year product lifetime, keeping road workers out of harm’s way.



ClearWay is Navtech’s highway, tunnel and bridge ITS system. ClearWay combines patented radar technology and advanced radar analytics software to deliver safety when its needed most.

360° field-of-view
Up to 1km
Multiple capabilities
Customisable alert rules
Hardwired and 4G options

ClearWay Overview
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