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Radar Solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems

360° radar solution for the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market.

Detect stopped vehicles and wrong-way drivers in seconds and collect traffic data, all with the same system.

When you need it most

Navtech’s ITS radar solution is used by highway agencies around the world, as well as by US Departments of Transport, tunnel operators, toll and concession owners, and fire services so they can operate their roads and tunnels more safely, efficiently and sustainably.

It delivers comprehensive automatic incident detection (AID) and actionable data, such as vehicle count and classification, from the same system, helping to reduce the number of roadside technologies. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen and other technologies start to fail. It works in the operationally challenging tunnel environment when covered in dust and dirt, it detects through smoke and hot gases in the event of a tunnel fire, and it can be deployed over long stretches of roadway, in standalone problem hotspots, and on unconnected highways.

To advance safety, the solution alerts operators within seconds of an incident, enabling faster responses. Traffic data empowers operators to make informed decisions for better traffic flow. Furthermore, the system’s data collection supports accurate reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and can be used for dynamic toll pricing. With no servicing or maintenance required for 10+ years, it reduces traffic management and keeps road workers out of harm’s way.

The ITS safety system for highways, tunnels, and bridges

Our ClearWay radar work in poor visibility and can detect across long stretches of roadway using fewer sensors compared to alternative technologies. With Cloud and 4G options, they can be deployed in problem hotspots and on unconnected highways. Able to work while covered in dust and dirt, they also deliver uninterrupted operation in harsh tunnel environments.


The CTS and KTS are Navtech’s ClearWay ITS radar. They are designed to operate in a different frequency band while delivering the same level of performance.

ClearWay technical specifications
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