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AdvanceGuard for FOD

High-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software.

Reliable detection for the most challenging safety requirements, operating in all weather conditions.

Uninterrupted, reliable foreign object debris (FOD) detection

AdvanceGuard for FOD is an automatic, reliable solution for FOD detection. It uses a high-resolution radar sensor that scans a 150m radius, rotating 360° every 7 seconds.

It ensures that even small objects as small as 3cm x 3cm x 3cm are detected, and the system alerts operators about the exact location of the debris for swift removal. Additionally, this solution can detect unlimited debris in real time. The system’s robust design ensures that it can operate uninterruptedly in all weather conditions, providing continuous surveillance in extreme temperatures and even in complete darkness. This capability ensures uninterrupted airport operations, safeguarding assets, personnel, and travellers. Overall, AdvanceGuard for FOD significantly enhances safety and efficiency in airport environments.

Technical Information

FOD150 Reliable FOD detection

Specifically designed for FOD detection, the high-performance radar automatically detects debris as small as 3cm x 3cm x 3cm, and makes runway hazard management straightforward, improving operational efficiency and safety.

Technical Specification
Indicative Range
Update Rate
Azimuth Beamwidth
150m for detection of 3cm x 3cm x 3cm debris
7s (0.14Hz)
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