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Protecting electricity transmission sites.

Substations are crucial for national electricity distribution, aiming for zero downtime to ensure steady transmission.

Substations play a critical role in distributing energy to homes and businesses around the country. It is essential to take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the perimeter, ensuring the safety of the public and the national grid. Using traditional security solutions is often not enough to provide adequate protection to substations.

However, with radar technology, operators can detect and track unlimited targets in real time, even in adverse weather conditions or complete darkness. The long-range capabilities of radar provide advance warning of any movement inside and outside the perimeter, allowing operators to maintain full situational awareness of the entire site. By integrating radar with other security components such as cameras and video management systems (VMS), the system can automatically direct cameras for visual verification in case of an intrusion. This integration provides a comprehensive security solution that is capable of detecting potential threats and responding quickly to mitigate any risks.

More than perimeter protection

Navtech’s security solution for substations provides the exact location and classification of targets within a 3 to 5km radius.

Its intelligent rules-based software creates multiple alarm zones with independent rules triggered by movement and speed. Layered rules provide operators advance warning of illegitimate movement.

Easy to integrate, scalable, and configurable

The solution can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into existing VMS. It displays any movement on a digital map of the site and has rules that can prevent alarms in authorised areas.

Additionally, integration with friend or foe identification tags can prevent alarms from authorised personnel or vehicles.

Reliable intrusion detection in all weather conditions

Navtech's security solution for substations provides intrusion detection in all weather conditions, from the hottest deserts to the harshest winters, enabling steady transmission of electricity for zero downtime operations.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard

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