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The Next Generation ClearWay Radar

At Navtech we're always innovating to improve our products and the latest generation ClearWay radar improves both safety and lifetime costs

Our unrivalled high-definition radars have a proven track record in projects across the world. ClearWay, a radar-based ITS solution, continuously monitors highways with a 360° field of view, and long-range detection, improving safety in countries from Sweden to Australia, and is unaffected by fog, snow, rain or darkness. 

We are always innovating to further enhance safety and improve performance. Now, to keep roadworkers out of harm’s way after the installation of our product, we have developed the next generation radar. It makes ClearWay a completely service-free solution. Having listened to our customers and understanding how they use ClearWay we believe this improvement will deliver significant benefits having a positive impact on safety, cost and the environment. With no need for people to remove our radars from the roadside for servicing, less time is spent by roadworkers on the side of roads or in tunnels following installation. Reduced roadside works and tunnel closures also mean a lower lifetime cost of the system saving on both traffic management costs and service parts. Fewer visits to site, less shipping and less congestion through roadworks also means reduced environmental impact. 

ClearWay is now a completely service-free solution

This enhancement has been made possible by Navtech investing in the design of a bespoke drive solution for this next generation radar. In order to deliver the exceptional performance ClearWay is known for, our radars use precision rotating parts. Alternative radar solutions are unable to deliver the level of performance required for this type of application. Previously the radar was driven by a motor with wearing parts such as belts and pulleys. This gave the radar a service life of five years. A new motor, developed in-house by Navtech engineers directly drives the rotating part, completely removing all serviceable components to make the radar service-free for its 10-year design life.

We are so confident in its performance, that it comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty for full peace of mind. During this time, the radar will rotate up to 1.3 billion times. Service-free radars will continuously monitor the highway 24/7 from the point of installation with no scheduled downtime.

Developed to keep roadworkers out of harm's way and lower lifetime costs
  • Service-free solution with a lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Safer for roadworkers with no roadside works once installed
  • Better for the environment with fewer visits to site, less shipping and less congestion
  • Lower lifetime cost of the system with reduced roadside works and tunnel closures
  • Maintaining ClearWay’s world-class performance

We have been supporting radars in continuous operation since 1999. We continue to support every radar through our global customer support and enhanced services packages —pioneering technology matched with unbeatable support and service. The new generation radar comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty to give you complete peace of mind. Currently installed radars are upgradeable, the new direct-drive motor can be retrofitted to existing radars. The ClearWay radar will come into standard production from April 2022. 

About ClearWay

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System, ClearWay, will find a stopped vehicle in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. It works in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen. The same system delivers additional capabilities to further advance safety and improve journeys including: vehicle count and classification, wrong-way driver detection and pedestrian detection — to name a few.

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