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Security Solutions

Industrial Security

Uncompromised, reliable detection and tracking.

From the hottest deserts to the coldest winters, accurate detection in all weather and light conditions.

Navtech Radar’s industrial security solution can create independent rules tailored for multiple virtual zones. Alarms – based on criteria such as direction of travel, speed, and classification – can be configured, offering a sophisticated layering of multiple alarms to create advance warnings for specific zones. The system is versatile, responding adeptly to different surfaces like water and land.

Whether used as a standalone solution or integrated with video management systems (VMS), this solution provides a comprehensive view of site movement on a map. Upon a breach in rules, the system triggers automatic alarms, directing cameras to the target for visual verification. Nuisance alarms are mitigated by incorporating friend or foe tags for authorised vehicles and personnel. The solution can accurately detect and track unlimited targets while pinpointing the location of tagged-friendly assets. This capability allows operators to swiftly deploy the most effective course of action in response to any potential incursion.

Surface Mining

Surface mining surveillance encounters challenges with rugged terrain and variable environmental conditions, hindering traditional security methods. Remote locations that lack infrastructure further complicate monitoring and responding to breaches.

Radar technology penetrates dust, fog, and darkness, ensuring accurate detection in all conditions and addressing these specific challenges effectively.

Vehicle Distribution Centres

Car and retail storage facilities face persistent threats from criminals seeking high-value assets. Threats are constantly evolving, with most incidents occurring during low-activity nights, posing risks to both assets and security personnel.

Navtech’s solution combines advanced rules-based software and long-range sensors, providing operators with early warnings and enabling effective responses before any incursion.

Full situational awareness of the entire site and its approach, even in the harshest conditions

Navtech Radar's high-resolution radar sensors - coupled with intelligent proprietary software - detect, track, and classify unlimited targets in a 5km range, up to 79km² over land and water.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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