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Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation

For industrial automation in challenging conditions.

Our solutions provide reliable performance in adverse conditions, when other sensors fail. Rain, fog, dust, or dirt, nothing can stop them. The high-resolution, 360° long-range radar builds a data-rich picture of its surroundings.

industrial automation solutions

Overview of the sensors

Navtech Radar’s Robust Automation Sensors (RAS), are market-leading, long-range, millimetre wave radars. With a 360° field of view, they provide ultra high-resolution radar images in all weather, light, and environmental conditions. As a result, they overcome some of the fundamental limitations of other sensing technologies.

Our radars provide a live view of their environment, presenting solid or reflective objects distinctly from their surroundings. The high-resolution sensors produce output in either streamed ‘radar video’ or as a network source of range and bearing point data. Compact in design, yet engineered to withstand extreme vibration and temperatures, it is the most reliable sensor for use in industrial automation applications, delivering unrivalled outdoor sensing for automation and providing critical data when it’s needed most.

Radar for industrial automation

Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system to unlock complete performance in all conditions.

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Integrated smart sensor for collision avoidance and obstacle detection.

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