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Wide Area Surveillance

Capable of detecting and tracking an unlimited number of targets, while classifying objects over both land and water.

Wide area surveillance

Continuous, reliable wide area surveillance

Large, complex, and active sites – such as airports, ports and critical infrastructure – are often at risk of incursion from potential intruders who may go unnoticed. Traditional surveillance systems often offer short-range detection within a specified perimeter, creating vulnerabilities. Our radar-based security solution does more.

Featuring high-definition 360º scanning radar operating in all weather and lighting conditions, the system utilises intelligent, rules-based software triggering alarms only when true threats occur. This ensures real-time situational awareness, enabling swift responses to potential threats around the clock.

Wide area surveillance

Scalable security solution

Providing wide area surveillance on both sides of the perimeter, the system detects and tracks targets before entry, enabling quick action. Additionally, our sensors cover up to 5km, requiring fewer units and reducing costs and maintenance.

Easily integrating with third-party cameras, sensors, and video management systems (VMS), our security solution is flexible and scalable. Operating automatically, it ensures constant site awareness, allowing you to focus on operations with peace of mind.

Truly wide-area surveillance Reliable detection on both sides of the perimeter

Securing large areas effectively requires technology to detect potential risks not only on the perimeter. Strategically placed radar sensors provide complete site coverage with minimal infrastructure and civil work required.

Reliable detection and classification

Capable of detecting and tracking an unlimited number of targets, while classifying objects over both land and water.

Fully integrated system

Fully integrated with major cameras and VMS platforms, sharing target coordinates with the cameras and directing them to give the operator visual verification.

Low false alarm rate

High level of trust from operators as the system's intelligent rules-based software minimises nuisance alarms.

Cost-effective solution

Only a minimal amount of infrastructure is necessary because a single sensor can cover an area of up to 79km².

Radar solutions for security

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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