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Industrial Automation Solutions


Enabling radar technology for industrial autonomous vehicles, to ensure seamless operation both on- and off-road, and in marine environments, regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

Radar sensors for robotics

Fostering collaboration, innovation, and robust algorithm development for robotics and autonomous research by providing raw data from high-quality radar sensors.

Best-in-class resolution

Our patented design produces a highly accurate radar image with unrivalled resolution and low clutter.

All-weather sensing

Radar penetrates dust, fog, rain, dirt, and extreme weather, delivering uninterrupted performance in all conditions.

Plug and play

Easy integration of our RAS family of sensors with Robot Operating System (ROS) and ROS2 drivers, our software development kit (SDK), and open data access.

Experimental firmware modes

Empowering researchers with cutting-edge functionalities to advance autonomous system operations.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Empowering research with radar technology

At Navtech Radar, we empower researchers with our state-of-the-art radar technology, enabling pioneering research in autonomous off-road vehicles. Our partnership with universities, exemplified by our membership of the Oxford Robotics Institute, showcases our commitment to advancing the field. We offer full access to radar data and an open SDK, fostering flexibility and experimentation.

With experimental features and a robust ecosystem of researchers, we facilitate groundbreaking research in various environments, from driving around Oxford to snowy conditions in Canada. Our sensors, rigorously tested for reliability, ensure consistent performance, even in adverse weather conditions, making us a trusted partner for researchers pushing the boundaries of robotics.

Pioneering research into autonomous vehicle sensors

Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) are a world-leading research group who explore and challenge the capabilities of robotics and autonomy. Over 10 years ago, they were one of the first organisations to run an autonomous vehicle, before many thought it possible.

ORI has tested the Navtech radar sensor in the harshest conditions and against other autonomous vehicle sensors in the Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset project. Results show the application of our radar technology offers exciting opportunities to help enable reliable and safe operation in autonomous vehicles. 

Advancing robotics through partnerships

In choosing Navtech as your technology partner, you will have access to our radar sensors, designed and made entirely in Oxford. We go beyond delivery to prioritise innovation and knowledge transfer, offering global support and a lasting relationship.

Working in partnership with research teams, we support the successful integration and reliable performance of our sensors, today and in the future. It’s this uncompromising drive for excellence in performance and service that makes us a world leader and a team you can count on.


Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system to unlock complete performance in any condition.

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