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Navtech Radar provides high-resolution, 360° long-range sensors for reliable object detection, enhancing safety and minimising schedule disruptions in rail environments.

Reliable detection from a single sensor

Rail operators face the challenge of ensuring reliable detection of objects, debris, and people to prevent damage, injury, and disruptions. Navtech Radar's sensors offer precise, all-weather detection, contributing to enhanced safety.

All-weather operation

Unaffected by rain, fog, dust, and smoke, ensuring uninterrupted detection in all conditions.

Accurate detection

High-resolution, 360° coverage, delivering enhanced safety and situational awareness.

Long-range performance

Extensive coverage, ideal for railway applications where long-range monitoring is often required.

Easy to integrate

Compact design and hassle-free integration with other sensors and technologies.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Enhancing safety in the rail industry

As seen across multiple industries, the adoption of autonomous operations can enhance efficiency and safety. The rail industry is no different in that the implementation of rail automation and autonomous train operation can increase accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. However, with a move to a more automated world, the need for robust sensing is more important than ever.

Navtech Radar works closely with OEMs and system integrators in the rail industry to provide cutting-edge technology for reliable object detection and enhanced safety. Our sensors offer precise localisation and object detection capabilities, crucial for overcoming challenges in railway operations.

Reliable detection in all conditions

Our world-leading sensors work in all environments, all the time, providing reliable performance in adverse conditions when other sensors fail. With unrivalled availability, our high-resolution, 360° long-range radar builds a data-rich picture of its surroundings, whatever the conditions, so you can operate your fleet 24/7, safely and efficiently.

It means detection reliability when you need it the most. Working beyond the limits of a person’s capability, the sensor can see when humans can’t, adding an extra level of safety in challenging environments.

Collaborating with industry leaders

We collaborate with industry leaders like Deutsche Bahn, leveraging our expertise to address evolving needs in rail transportation. Through initiatives like the ‘advanced TrainLab’ (aTL), we continuously evaluate and enhance our technology in real-world railway applications.

Our sensors can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, providing reliable performance in all weather and lighting conditions. By offering comprehensive support and fostering lasting partnerships, we ensure that our clients have access to innovative solutions tailored to their specific requirements.


Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system to unlock complete performance in any condition.

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