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Security Solutions

Oil Refineries

Detect intruders within a 5km range.

Integral to a robust Integrated Security System (ISS), radar technology offers real-time detection, tracking, and classification over expansive land and water environments.

Navtech’s security solution for oil refineries, provides more than perimeter security by seamlessly detecting and tracking unlimited targets inside and outside the perimeter, over land and water. Designed to integrate seamlessly with other ISS components, it operates continuously, ensuring round-the-clock protection under any weather and lighting conditions. It offers unparalleled range, covering both sides of the perimeter with a 5km range and capable of monitoring up to 79km².

Upon detecting a rule breach, the system promptly generates an alarm and directs cameras towards the intrusion, providing visual verification for operators. The system’s user-friendly interface displays all site movement on a digital map, offering full, site-wide situational awareness with a 360° field of view. It’s not just about detecting, the system can pinpoint the exact location of any threat, distinguishing between potential threats and friendly entities through friend or foe tags.

Multiple alarm zones

The system’s intelligent rules-based software enables the creation of multiple alarm zones, each with bespoke rules tailored to detect unauthorised movement.

Operators can define these rules based on target classification, speed, and movement direction, ensuring precise security across diverse surfaces like land and water.

Reliability and expertise

Patented hardware technology and proprietary software are integral parts of our end-to-end solution. Developing R&D, manufacturing, design, and delivery capabilities in-house.

This cohesive approach ensures a seamless solution with guaranteed performance tailored to each site’s specific requirements during the design phase.

More than perimeter intrusion detection

Spanning both perimeter sides, each sensor secures 79km² in all climates, from freezing winters to scorching deserts. Over 5,000 radar sensors globally attest to the unparalleled performance and reliability.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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