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Profile Monitoring

In challenging environments, precise object profiling for critical missions requires advanced technology to ensure precision and reliability.

Radar for Profile Monitoring

Accurate profile monitoring in dirty and dusty environments

Industries face multiple issues when gathering accurate, real-time data during profile monitoring. The environments are usually dusty and dirty, which can lead to inaccurate data, impacting efficiency, safety and sustainability. Reliable data starts with reliable sensors, designed to operate faultlessly in harsh environments. 

Navtech’s 360° sensors provide a dynamic, live view of their surroundings. They focus on solid and reflective objects to calculate the precise volume of the stockpile or location of objects. The robust design of the sensors utilises a mechanically rotated beam and passive antenna, producing high-resolution data, low clutter and unrivalled accuracy. Unlike solid-state alternatives, the 360° rotation allows for an expansive field of view from a single sensor, simplifying the integration of the sensor.

Radar for Profile Monitoring

Robust design, all-weather performance

The robust, compact design and exceptional all-weather and all-dust performance of our sensors allow for versatile installation in any orientation near the target detection zone. As your dedicated technology partner, we streamline the integration process, ensuring a seamless adoption of our radar technology. This collaborative approach aims to unlock the full potential of our sensors, tailoring their capabilities through their settings, to not only meet but exceed your specific profiling requirements.

Radar for Profile Monitoring Example use cases

Accurate volumetric measurements: Radar sensors ensure precise measurement of irregular stockpile volumes, optimising resource management in mining operations.

Bucket wheel cut profiling: Understanding material profiles pre- and post-cut, enables mining automation engineers to optimise cutting parameters, for greater efficiencies.

Wall detection for automation: In dusty, subterranean environments where cameras fail, wall detection ensures safe manoeuvring of large automated machinery.

Railside foliage monitoring: Continuous monitoring builds a digital twin of a site, aiding planners to limit unplanned downtime, by cutting back foliage.

Oil spill detection: Rapid identification of oil spills in congested areas, allows a swift response to environmental accidents, minimising the impact and thereby saving costs.

Best-in-class resolution

Unparalleled resolution with a narrow pencil beam, ensuring accurate profiling in diverse applications.

Straightforward integration

Seamlessly integrate our 360° scanning radar with our Software Development Kit (SDK) and access raw data, enabling versatile profile extraction.

Industry-proven reliability

Robust design, providing unmatched durability with minimal maintenance.

All–weather and dust performance

Uninterrupted operation through heavy dust and in all weather, offering reliable profiling without downtime.


The Robust Automation Sensor (RAS) family of radars provide a live view of their surroundings, presenting solid or reflective objects distinctly from their surroundings. The high-resolution radars produce their output either through streamed “radar video” or as a network source of range and bearing point data, allowing them to be easily integrated with your system.

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