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Security Solutions


Complete situational awareness in the harshest environments.

Know what's on your site - and where; whether facing sun glare, total darkness, snowstorms, or sandstorms. Security in all conditions.

Navtech’s security solution simplifies the task for operators by providing a user-friendly interface to monitor all movements within and around the perimeter on a digital map. The intelligent software offers customisation options, allowing the creation of virtual zones with specific rules based on factors such as direction, speed, or classification. These layered rules provide operators with early alerts, enabling them to anticipate breaches before they occur.

Nuisance alarms are mitigated through friend or foe tags for authorised entities. The system detects and tracks unlimited targets, providing precise locations of intruders and friendly assets, empowering operators to respond effectively to incursions. Breaches trigger automatic alarms, directing cameras for visual verification. Radar sensors detect movement on the site for up to a 5km radius, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing video management systems (VMS). As an essential component of an Integrated Security System (ISS), it controls cameras, physical security identification management (PSIM) systems, and ADAM relay. Comprehensive information, including VMS bookmarking, is recorded for post-event analysis, enhancing security management and response strategies.

Power Plants

Power plants face security challenges in perimeter protection, with unauthorised access, vandalism, and equipment tampering. Remote locations and harsh weather conditions worsen the difficulties of monitoring.

Implementing advanced surveillance and intrusion detection measures is essential for effectively addressing these concerns and safeguarding power plant facilities.


Substations, often located in remote areas, face perimeter intrusion challenges like unauthorised access and equipment tampering, heightened by adverse weather.

Advanced surveillance and intrusion detection are essential not only for protecting infrastructure but also for safeguarding personnel working in these critical power facilities.

Wide area surveillance where high performance in all conditions is essential

Continuous automatic surveillance both inside and outside the perimeter. Combining high-definition radar with intelligent, rules-based software for complex sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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