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Friend or Foe Detection

Enhance efficiency with collaborative blue force tracking for swift team deployment and situational awareness advancements in emergency scenarios.

Friend or Foe Detection

Cooperative blue force tracking

In complex active sites, responding swiftly to breaches is paramount. Achieving this requires precise knowledge of personnel and vehicle locations, enabling operators to deploy optimal responses. A blue force tracking solution’s user-friendly and accurate identification becomes indispensable in these scenarios. It ensures full situational awareness, functioning seamlessly across all light and weather conditions.

Embedded in Navtech’s security solution software, it allows for efficient deployment, even in challenging environments, facilitating timely and informed decision-making during critical moments. With the capability to differentiate between authorised and unauthorised activity, the system minimises false alarms. As a result, operators can confidently respond to genuine threats, optimising security measures on complex sites. This technology enhances safety and offers peace of mind by providing continuous surveillance and immediate responsiveness, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of security protocols.

Know what's on your site - and where Full situational awareness in all weather and light conditions

Navtech’s security solution classifies people and vehicles, distinguishing authorised from unauthorised entities to prevent false alarms. Its GPS tracker integration tracks friendly forces and authorises area alarm deactivation.

Unified asset monitoring interface

Operators can view friendly assets on the same screen where other activities occur, enabling them to deploy the optimal coordinated response in the event of an incursion.

Nuisance-free alarms

Eliminates nuisance alarms generated by the movement of friendly assets in authorised areas.

Secure RF data transfer

RF-based communications ensures secure data transfer regardless of 4G/5G availability. Can be deployed for 1 to 200+ assets.

All-weather site tracking

Operators track movement from one single interface, in all weather and light conditions, with full situational awareness of the entire site.

Radar solutions for security

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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