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AdvanceGuard for Ground Surveillance

High-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software.

Designed to operate in the most challenging conditions, from the harshest deserts to complete darkness.

Wide-area surveillance for the most challenging conditions

AdvanceGuard for Ground Surveillance is a reliable and effective solution for monitoring activities on both land and water surfaces. With the ability to cover distances of up to 5km, it can detect and track pedestrians, swimmers, vehicles, and watercraft while differentiating between legitimate activity and potential threats.

This system is suitable for wide area sites, extensive borders, and any location that requires continuous situational awareness. It operates seamlessly in all weather and light conditions, ensuring that you have access to real-time information, even in total darkness or adverse weather conditions like sand and dust storms. AdvanceGuard for Ground Surveillance is also easily integrated with other systems, making it an integral part of Integrated Security Systems (ISS). With high-resolution capabilities and reduced nuisance alarms, AdvanceGuard provides ample warning of impending incursions, aiding in regulatory compliance. Moreover, it offers excellent value with a lower ownership cost, making it a cost-effective solution for sites looking to enhance their security and surveillance measures.

Technical Information

HDR351 Radar Up to 5km range
HDR300 Series Up to 3km range
HDR200 Series Up to 1km range
HDR100 Series High-precision for small areas

Our longest-range radar with up to 5km radius detection is ideal for industrial security and border monitoring applications where uncompromised, accurate long-range detection is essential.

Technical Specification
Indicative Range
Update Rate
Azimuth Beamwidth
Up to 5,000 metres
1 HZ
Up to 3,000 metres
1 Hz
1,000 metres
2-1 Hz
300 metres
4-1 Hz
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