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Situational Awareness

Traditional sensing technologies face limitations when delivering situational awareness, especially in harsh conditions.

Radar delivers robust, full situational awareness, supporting operators to reduce risks and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Radar for Situational Awareness

Full situational awareness from a single sensor

The adoption of automation enhances productivity, safety and efficiency across a variety of industries. However, an increase in autonomy poses the challenge of situational awareness in complex and dynamic environments. Reliable, robust sensing is of critical importance to provide accurate situational awareness to support operators of large machinery.

Navtech’s 360° scanning radar systems are engineered to provide unmatched performance in all conditions and provide operators with data when they need it the most. With best-in-class resolution, our radar systems deliver a robust image of the world around them, enabling users to identify and track objects in any condition. Offering a 360° field of view, they provide comprehensive coverage, minimising blind spots and enhancing overall awareness.

Our commitment to all-weather and all-condition performance means that our systems operate reliably regardless of environmental factors. With a high update rate, users receive real-time data, enabling swift decision-making. Coupled with our robust design, our scanning radar systems are built to withstand rigorous usage and maintain peak performance over extended periods.

Radar for Situational Awareness Example use cases

Small target detection for inland marine: Due to the high frequency of the RAS family of sensors, the radar detects much smaller objects than traditional X-band radar, such as buoys and kayaks, supporting navigation in congested waterways.

Camera-radar fusion to aid marine watch: With a 10Hz update rate and high resolution, our RAS family of sensors can be fused with a 360° vision system to create the backbone of a perception stack, providing reliable performance across all-weather, day and night.

Navigation of underground vehicles in smoke-filled mines: With radar’s ability to penetrate smoke and dust, it can be used to support remote operation of underground vehicles where visibility is challenging.

Vehicle traffic services in congested waterways: By providing a detailed radar image of vessel movements, a high-resolution radar system enables VTS operators to have a comprehensive understanding of the traffic situation of congested waterways, in real-time.

360° situational awareness for excavators in mining and construction: A 360° scanning radar system integrated into an excavator can enable an operator with full situational awareness by continuously monitoring the surroundings, detecting obstacles, and providing real-time alerts to operators, thereby improving safety and operational efficiency.

Unrivalled resolution in any condition

Best-in-class resolution with a narrow pencil beam, ensuring accurate positioning in any condition.

360° field of view and fast updates

With a 360° field of view and up to a 10Hz update rate, our RAS family of sensors provide wide area coverage from a single sensor, minimising blind spots and complicated image stitching.

Robust industry-approved design

An extremely robust design that requires no regular cleaning, making it perfectly suited for deployment in harsh environments.

Straightforward integration

Seamlessly integrate our 360° scanning radar with our Software Develpoment Kit (SDK) and access raw data, enabling versatile profile extraction.


The Robust Automation Sensor (RAS) family of radars provide a live view of their surroundings, presenting solid or reflective objects distinctly from their surroundings. The high-resolution radars produce their output either through streamed “radar video” or as a network source of range and bearing point data, allowing them to be easily integrated with your system.

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