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Pedestrian Detection

Detect and track vulnerable road users on a highway or in a tunnel using 360° long-range radar.

Navtech's Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution alerts operators in seconds so they can set warning signs and deploy help faster.


What is pedestrian detection?

Pedestrian detection is the detection of vulnerable road users on a motorway, bridge or in a tunnel.

With fast-flowing traffic pedestrians on a motorway or bridge are vulnerable. Drivers do not expect people to be on or at the side of the road. Operators monitor hundreds of camera feeds and are usually only alerted to vulnerable road users by the public, police or highway patrol after some minutes.

The use of ITS technology to automatically detect pedestrians improves road safety. It means operators can set warning signs and deploy help faster reducing the chances of an accident. In tunnels, pedestrian detection is especially important due to the enclosed space.


Why use radar for pedestrian detection?

Pedestrians at the roadside or on the carriageway following an incident, or for some other reason, are harder for drivers to see in poor visibility such as in heavy rain, fog, darkness, or glare. It is in these conditions that other technologies start to fail, and radar continues to work at the most critical times.

In a harsh tunnel environment, radar performance is uninterrupted when covered by dust or dirt. In the event of a tunnel fire, radar continues to work through smoke and hot gases, providing accurate pedestrian detection to inform the tactical response taken by emergency services.

ITS SOLUTION Why use Navtech's 360° radar solution?

Navtech’s pedestrian detection system automatically detects pedestrians on a motorway, bridge or in a tunnel in seconds.

It enables operators to set warning signs, close lanes and deploy response teams faster than waiting for the incident to be called in by the public. Exact location data and live tracking of pedestrians mean operators can give accurate information to first responders.

In the event of a tunnel fire, pedestrian detection is critical. Radar detects through smoke and hot gases. Using Navtech’s situational awareness, the emergency services will have a live view of the location of people and vehicles on a web UI designed to support them in their response.

Our 360° long-range radar mean the entire roadway, bridge or tunnel can be monitored 24/7 with fewer sensors. Pedestrian detection is one capability of our comprehensive automatic incident detection solution which includes stopped vehicle, wrong-way driver and debris detection, to name a few. The same system also provides actionable traffic data such as vehicle count and classification.

360° radar cover the entire freeway

Our radar detect traffic incidents up to 500m in all directions. As pedestrians are smaller objects than cars for radar to detect, we will space radar closer together where pedestrian detection is required to ensure high performance.

Define pedestrian zones

Specific detection zones can also be set up within the system. Typically, the system will be configured to alert for pedestrians detected anywhere on a highway, bridge or in a tunnel. The system will retain the incident data for post-event analysis.

Critical information in real-time

Pedestrian detection is a key capability for tunnel installations. In the event of a fire, our ITS system will deliver real-time location information of all people and vehicles in the tunnel to inform the emergency response.

Multiple applications from one system

Navtech's ITS solution delivers comprehensive automatic incident detection capabilities together with traffic data and situational information for emergency services, all from the same system.


Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system can provide further actionable data such as vehicle count and classification.

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