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Wildlife Detection System

Navtech's wildlife detection system detects and tracks wildlife near the highway using 360° long-range radar.

The system can automatically trigger signs to warn drivers. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen.


What is wildlife detection?

Wildlife detection is the detection of wildlife near to and on the highway.

In some areas, large wildlife is present near the highway. Collisions at speed with animals such as deer or escaped cattle result in damage to vehicles, potential injury to drivers, and harm to the animal.

The use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology to automatically detect wildlife improves road safety. Warning signs can be triggered and speed limits adjusted to reduce the chance of an incident.


Why use radar for wildlife detection?

Radar works in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen. This includes when wildlife is on the highway in challenging driving conditions such as heavy rain, fog, snow, ice, and complete darkness. It is in these situations that other technologies start to fail, and radar continues to work, warning drivers at the most critical times that wildlife is on the highway ahead.

ITS SOLUTION Why use Navtech's 360° radar solution?

Navtech’s wildlife detection system automatically detects wildlife on or near to a roadway in seconds.

Signs can be immediately triggered to warn drivers and speed limits reduced to minimise the chance of an accident. 360° long-range radar cover the entire roadway and surrounding areas where there is line of sight. The system detects and then tracks wildlife 24/7 so operators know exactly where they are on their network.

Typically, animal collisions occur more frequently in remote areas where a fibre connection may not already be in place. ClearWay works over a wireless 4G or fibre connection, whichever suits your implementation, allowing you to deploy the system in remote problem hotspots.

Triggers warning signs

The system can be integrated into your wider Traffic Management System to automatically trigger warning signs, saving time and reducing operator workload.

Fibre-free installation option

Installation options include using 4G, so costly infrastructure works can be avoided in areas where fibre is limited or not already in place.

Filters out small wildlife

The system rules can be set to filter out small wildlife that are unlikely to cause an accident, so drivers and operators are only alerted when necessary.

Wildlife detection up to 500m away

360° long-range radar provide wide area coverage, on and off the highway.


Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system can provide further actionable data such as vehicle count and classification.

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