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Uninterrupted and reliable detection and tracking of airside activity.

Detect and track unlimited targets on both perimeter sides with our radar-based ground surveillance solution, easily integrating with other systems for enhanced security.

The complexity and size of airports mean that the utmost levels of safety and security are required at all times. Failure to implement such security could result in a threat to public or worker safety, or damage to property and infrastructure.

Fully integrable and deployed in over 50 airports worldwide, AdvanceGuard for Airports provides a highly sophisticated, easily customised solution to solve existing security problems. Its perimeter intrusion detection and wide area surveillance capabilities ensure that potential threats are detected before an incursion event, enabling the close monitoring or apprehension of the individuals. For airside operators, risk and compliance managers, AdvanceGuard for airports ensures uninterrupted safety-critical operations while controlling costs. It automatically provides reliable, continual situational awareness 24/7/365, in all light and weather conditions, and can be easily integrated with other systems.

Airside Security

AdvanceGuard for Airports is an essential component to enhance safety in airside security. The solution detects and tracks perimeter intrusions and, because of its long-range detection, can be used to monitor the entire airside, including restricted access areas.

The rules-based intelligent software detects wildlife, suppressing false alarms in areas not of concern. The friend or foe feature distinguishes between legitimate and illegitimate activities, allowing the operators to know the exact location of blue force and suppressing nuisance alarms from authorised personnel.

Airside Operations

Airside operations are used to using radar-based technology to guarantee safe and uninterrupted travel operations.

AdvanceGuard for Airports can detect FOD, monitor runway incursions, provide SMR, and monitor the apron area. The solution offers the highest level of safety for travellers and personnel while maintaining smooth operations.

For sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity occur simultaneously

Unlike conventional systems and workforce operations, our product gives you complete situational awareness 24/7/365, with automatic detection in all light and weather conditions.

Perimeter intrusion detection

Accurate, reliable, future-proof perimeter intrusion detection system continuously monitors activity inside and outside the perimeter in all weather and light conditions.

Wide area surveillance

Capable of detecting and tracking an unlimited number of targets, while classifying objects over both land and sea.

Restricted access areas

Create multiple virtual zones with distinct alarm protocols, and distinguish authorised from unauthorised activity.

Friend or foe detection

Enhance efficiency with collaborative blue force tracking for swift team deployment and situational awareness advancements in emergency scenarios.

Land and Water detection

Fully automated solution providing long-range, highly accurate and reliable surveillance across both ground and water surfaces.

Animal Detection

Animal detection requirements of critical sites can vary greatly, that’s why our solution is tailored to meet the needs of your site.

CP Line Monitoring

Automatic, uninterrupted monitoring of restricted areas in complex, active airsides for enhanced security.

FOD Detection

Automatic advanced radar technology enhances the reliable detection of foreign object debris (FOD), significantly reducing associated risks.

Runway Incursion Warning System

Operating in the most challenging conditions, including total darkness, the solution monitors all runway and approach movements.

Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

Navtech Radar's SMR sensors precisely detect and track objects in any weather, light, and extreme temperatures, enhancing airport safety.

Apron Monitoring

Optimising apron space and movements for safety and efficiency through real-time monitoring.

AdvanceGuard for Airports

Reliable detection inside and outside the perimeter, enabling multiple airside safety and security operations.

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