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Situational Awareness for Emergency Services

In a serious incident, ClearWay displays real-time tunnel occupancy

Navtech's radar-based ITS technology detects and locates stopped vehicles and pedestrians in seconds. This information is displayed on a web UI for the emergency services.

Situational awareness

What is situational awareness?

Navtech’s situational awareness is a user interface for emergency services and tunnel operators.

It uses information from the tunnel’s automatic incident detection system to show emergency services the real-time location of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel on a map view. Tunnel operators use the same interface to monitor traffic flow and alerts.


Why use radar technology to detect people and vehicles in a tunnel?

Radar works when you need it most: in harsh tunnel environments and in smoke and hot gases, when other technologies start to fail.

Radar works in harsh tunnel environments, even when covered in dust and dirt. It delivers uninterrupted performance in smoke and hot gases. Radar is ‘self-illuminating’ whereas cameras rely on light in the environment for detection and can’t see through thick smoke. At high temperatures, such as in a tunnel fire, the performance of thermal cameras is also impaired, while radar continues to work.

ITS SOLUTION How Navtech's situational awareness helps the emergency services

In a serious incident, Navtech’s situational awareness interface informs the emergency services of tunnel occupancy.

The location and number of vehicles and pedestrians are shown on a map view of the tunnel. Features of the tunnel that are important to search and rescue can also be marked on the map.

Detects people and vehicles

Navtech's ITS solution detects stopped vehicles and pedestrians in seconds. This real-time information can be viewed by emergency services on a web UI

360° radar cover the entire tunnel

Navtech's radar cover up to 500m in all directions where there is a line of sight. They monitor the entire tunnel 24/7.


The interface can be viewed on a web-browser. It can be used by emergency services when responding to an incident and by tunnel operators to monitor traffic flow and alerts.

When you need it most

Radar works when you need it most, providing uninterrupted performance at critical times. It works in smoke and hot gases, when other technologies start to fail.


Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system can provide further actionable data such as vehicle count and classification.

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