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SafeGuard is a standalone, smart sensing solution for challenging obstacle detection and collision avoidance applications in industrial automation.

A revolutionary standalone solution engineered to address the challenges of obstacle detection and collision avoidance in the demanding mining environment. Traditional sensor technologies often falter when faced with harsh conditions like dust, snow, fog, or steam. However, SafeGuard's smart sensing system, leveraging radar technology, remains robust and reliable even in the harshest of conditions.

industrial automation systems

Long-range, millimetre wave radar

Radar technology stands out as the most suitable choice for the mining industry due to its ability to penetrate obstacles effectively. SafeGuard, as an embedded feature of the Navtech Radar Robust Automation Sensors (RAS), provides a comprehensive solution specifically tailored for challenging environments. The Navtech Radar RAS sensors have a proven track record of operating flawlessly in all environmental conditions, boasting high resolution and rapid update rates that ensure faster and more accurate detections.

Configuring SafeGuard is a simple and intuitive process, offering users the flexibility to customise up to six independent zones within the radar’s field of view. Whether using a click-and-drag pictorial view, or numeric alignment with machine drawings and safety zones, users can easily adapt the system to meet their specific needs. This versatility makes SafeGuard not only highly effective, it also significantly enhances productivity and safety in mining operations.

Unparalleled all-weather sensing

Ensure operational safety regardless of visibility, fog, rain, snow, steam, and ice.

Standalone, smart solution

SafeGuard has embedded software that allows you to quickly implement a smart sensing solution.

Adaptable SafeGuard

Options of area-specific sensitivity and alarm configuration to match your specific needs.

Seamless integration

The SafeGuard system can be configured as a Modbus client or server for robust integration with third-party systems.

Customisable alert zones

Six simple-to-configure detection and alarm zones meet the bespoke requirements of every applications.

Technical Information

SafeGuard Anti-collision radar


SafeGuard offers low-power efficiency with a standard network interface for integration with existing machinery systems, ensuring coherent communication and alarm activation. Connecting seamlessly with third-party systems, SafeGuard-enabled radars are simple to integrate and connect seamlessly with industry-standard machinery, new-build and existing systems alike. Additionally, advanced features are incorporated to minimise false alarms.

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