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Collision Avoidance

Our 360° radar sensors offer unparalleled resolution and resilience, solving collision avoidance challenges across heavy industries in mission-critical applications.


Robust detection in all weather conditions

Industrial environments are adopting automation at an increasing rate. The requirement for reliable collision avoidance technologies is vital to maintain and deliver the benefits of automation. Traditional sensing technologies can sometimes fail in poor visibility caused by changes in light and weather conditions. 

Leveraging radar technology, our sensors provide dynamic live views, discerning objects amidst complex surroundings with unmatched resolution and resilience. Our sensors deliver clear radar images, ensuring robust collision detection in all weather conditions. SafeGuard, a standalone solution utilising our Navtech Radar RAS family, revolutionises obstacle detection and collision avoidance in mining. Its smart-sensing system, utilising radar technology, remains reliable even in harsh conditions. Configurable detection zones, ruggedised design, and versatile installation enhance safety and productivity. With low maintenance requirements and a long design life, our solution offers cost-effective collision avoidance tailored for challenging environments.

Configuring SafeGuard is a simple and intuitive process, offering users the flexibility to customise up to six independent zones within the radar’s field of view. Whether using a click-and-drag pictorial view, or numeric alignment with machine drawings and safety zones, users can easily adapt the system to meet their specific needs. This versatility makes SafeGuard not only highly effective but also significantly enhances productivity and safety in mining operations.


radar for collision avoidance Example use cases

Shiploader boom collision avoidance: 360° scanning radar sensors can be installed in various orientations to safeguard ship loader booms from side-to-side and underboom collisions.

Stacker reclaimer collision avoidance: Employ radar sensors on stacker reclaimers to detect and prevent collisions with stockpiles or other nearby objects, ensuring robust collision detection in any weather condition.

Ship height detection for movable bridges: Deploy radar systems in broken beam mode to detect if ships exceed height limits while navigating under bridges, enhancing safety during berthing operations.

Collision avoidance on wheel machinery within mining: Implement radar-based anti-collision systems on wheel machinery to prevent collisions and ensure safe operation in mining environments.

Anti-collision systems on Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs): Utilise radar sensors to equip USVs with reliable collision avoidance capabilities, enhancing their safety and operational efficiency.

Best in class resolution

Unparalleled resolution with a narrow pencil beam, ensuring accurate profiling in diverse applications. and all conditions.

Straightforward integration

Seamlessly integrate our 360° scanning radar with our Software Development Kit (SDK) and access raw data, enabling versatile profile extraction.

Standalone smart solution

SafeGuard has embedded software that allows you to quickly implement a smart-sensing solution.

All–weather and dust performance

Uninterrupted operation through heavy dust and weather, offering reliable detection without downtime.


SafeGuard is a revolutionary standalone solution engineered to address the challenges of obstacle detection and collision avoidance in demanding environments. Traditional sensor technologies often falter when faced with harsh conditions like dust, snow, fog, or steam. However, SafeGuard’s smart-sensing system, leveraging radar technology, remains robust and reliable even in the harshest of conditions.

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