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Customer Services

NavCover+ is a comprehensive support package for total peace of mind in maintaining your Navtech Radar solution’s optimum performance. It gives you access to our expert customer service team, who are ready to troubleshoot any issues you may experience with our hardware or software. Once a ticket is raised, our engineers can connect remotely to the site for a thorough investigation. If any issues are found, a solution will be efficiently organised and implemented.
You can have NavCover+ for the lifetime of your system – it’s so easy to join. Most of our customers find that it is an essential service, as it gives its users direct access to our customer service centre and software updates, ensuring the continuous high-performance of the system. An outstanding match of pioneering technology and unbeatable support and service.

Remote Access

Wherever your installation is in the world, the Customer Support Centre can connect to it over the internet to identify faults:

  • Rapid problem identification
  • No expensive shipping costs
  • Quick resolution

Software Support

Access to latest releases for your current version of the software, keeping your system up to date with the latest features:

  • Issue evaluation
  • Performance advice
  • Software upgrades (within version)

Quick Repairs

Priority on repairs for quick turnaround with minimum downtime in the unlikely event of a problem:

  • Return to base repairs
  • Fast turnaround
  • Minimum downtime

Service Package Options

To ensure continuous operation, Navtech's radars require servicing every three years (HDR 200 & HDR 300 models) and five years (CTS, CIR & HDR 100 models), to replace a small number of wearing parts:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • All parts and labour

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