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Surface Movement Radar

Navtech Radar's SMR sensors precisely detect and track objects in any weather, light, and extreme temperatures, enhancing airport safety.

Surface Movement Radar

Monitor the location of ground vehicles and aircraft

Surface Movement Radar (SMR) is an essential component in the management of air traffic on the ground. It addresses the critical challenge of maintaining visibility over the movement of aircraft and ground vehicles, especially during adverse weather conditions or in periods of low visibility.

Navtech’s advanced sensors provide a robust solution to these challenges. Integrated with the sophisticated ERA ERIS Air Traffic Management (ERIS-ATM) system, they deliver full situational awareness across the airport surface. The high-resolution capability of the radar allows for the precise detection and monitoring of all movements within a 1km radius, ensuring that every taxiing aircraft, service vehicle, and potential obstacle is accounted for. This integration is particularly beneficial as it operates impeccably under any weather conditions and lighting scenarios, offering uninterrupted operational continuity.

High-performance radar No compromises when it comes to performance

Choose affordability without sacrificing quality. Our advanced radar sensors offer high-definition, seamless integration with ERIS-ATM, ensuring precise, real-time data for unrivalled performance.

Regulated integration

Tracks aircraft movements in line with regulations using ERIS-ATM integration for assured safety on airport grounds.

Eliminate blind spots effectively

Can be deployed to enhance an existing SMR solution covering blind spots and improving ground transfer coordination.

Accurate, reliable detection

Allows the tower to reliably and accurately locate and identify aircraft even in adverse weather and darkness.

Long-range radar

Our 360º scanning sensor extends up to a 1km radius and can detect, track, and classify even small objects.

AdvanceGuard for Airports

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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