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Navtech Expands North American ITS Partner Network

We are delighted to announce the expansion of Navtech's North American partners, providing in-country, specialist support for our expanding customer base.

As a highly innovative company, providing Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS) focused on improving road safety across the globe, the partnerships we’ve formed over the last six months are well aligned to realising our common goals.

Navtech’s highway safety system is designed to improve journeys and advance safety on roads and in tunnels. The system is capable of delivering a full suite of AID (Automatic Incident Detection) applications fulfilling multiple roadside requirements from a single system. All utilising our world-leading 360° radar and analytics solution. Not only does this reduce the number of roadside technologies required, it also simplifies roadside architecture reducing the impact on our environment.

Our comprehensive AID includes monitoring for stopped or stranded vehicles detection (SVD), wrong-way drivers, debris, and pedestrians, alongside count and classify capabilities and dynamic-lane hard shoulder monitoring to help operators to maximise the capacity of their road network.

Importantly the Navtech ITS system, ClearWay, works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen. With driving in the rain, fog, snow, ice and at night named in the top 25 causes of accidents in the US, reliable operation in all-weathers is essential for road safety technologies. Field-proven to be effective over large national schemes covering over 200 miles, with high detection and low false alarm rates, ClearWay delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient.


“by creating a focused and experienced network for our customers across the United States and Canada, we can offer even more customers valuable, in-country support. All are experts in defining, deploying and supporting ITS solutions and we’re excited to reach even more consultants, road operators and concession owners with this expanded network.

Louise Early

Marketing and Commercial Director at Navtech Radar

The new North American partners joining our existing partner Traffic Systems & Technology are: Clark Transportation SolutionsD2 Traffic TechnologiesOrange TrafficRamudden Digital North America, and Utilicom Supply Associates.

We are delighted to meet with our Canadian and US partners this week, and look forward to collaborating, bringing our world-leading ITS safety solution to new regions, making travel safer for everyone. 

About Navtech Radar

Navtech’s ITS technology is deployed on highways and in tunnels from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. We work together with road authorities, concession owners and partners world-wide to advance safety and improve journeys.  With in-house research and development, production, project and service delivery teams we have the expertise to deliver reliable, high performing systems. We’ve been supporting ITS technology in continuous operation since 2010, improving road safety in poor visibility when you need it most.

We recently produced our 5000th radar: Watch the video to follow its journey through our production centre. Every Navtech radar is built and comprehensively tested by our technicians before being shipped for deployment.

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