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Emergency Services

360° radar provides real-time the location of people and vehicles.

We work with emergency services to improve tunnel safety in the event of a serious incident.

ITS technology: improving tunnel safety

360° radar solution monitors the entire tunnel 24/7


Improving safety in tunnels

We work with emergency services to improve tunnel safety in the event of a serious incident.

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) monitors traffic in the tunnel. Most serious incidents start with a stopped vehicle. Our system alerts in seconds when a stopped vehicle is detected. It also detects and tracks vulnerable road users in the tunnel.

When there is an incident, the system provides emergency services with vital, real-time information on the location and number of people and vehicles in the tunnel via a web UI. A radar-based system, it continues to detect through smoke and hot gases, unlike camera and thermal sensors which rely on light and heat signatures in the environment for detection. 360° long-range coverage means the entire tunnel is monitored 24/7.

Situational Awareness for Emergency Services

Navtech’s situational awareness provides the emergency services with a real-time map view of the tunnel to inform their tactical response to a serious incident or fire. It shows the number and location of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel. Accessible on any web browser, this situational information can be shared.

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Situational Awareness for Tunnel Operators

Using Navtech’s situational awareness, tunnel operators have a real-time map view of the tunnel showing the exact location of incident alerts and live tracks of stopped vehicles and pedestrians. The tunnel is represented in 100m sections. Traffic density and travel times can also be viewed on the tool.

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ClearWay is Navtech’s highway, tunnel, and bridge ITS system. ClearWay combines patented radar technology and advanced radar analytics software to deliver safety when its needed most.

360° field-of-view
Up to 1km coverage per radar
Multiple capabilities
Customisable alert rules
Hardwired and 4G options

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