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Animal Detection

Animal detection requirements at critical sites can vary greatly - that’s why our solution is tailored to meet the needs of your site.

Radar for animal detection

Intelligent wildlife detection technology

Wildlife hazard management is vital for critical infrastructure sites, from airports and airfields to ports and oil refineries, ensuring operations’ safety, security, and regulatory compliance. Different sites have varying animal detection needs. For instance, airports require detection systems to spot small wildlife on the approach of runways, whereas oil refineries might focus on perimeter breaches by larger animals.

Navtech’s solutions are designed to cater to these specific requirements, using radar sensors to accurately detect and track wildlife based on movement and behaviour, enhancing site safety without unnecessary alerts.

Navtech’s solution employs high-resolution sensors and intelligent behaviour analysis to monitor wildlife activity in real time. It’s equipped to discern between various sizes of wildlife, alerting only to those posing a real threat to the infrastructure, thereby significantly lowering false alarm rates. This tailored approach allows operators to promptly address genuine wildlife intrusions, maintaining operational integrity and protecting both the site and the surrounding natural habitat.


Wildlife hazard management Minimal infrastructure, customisable for your site

Independent virtual zones can be designed to suppress alarms generated by wildlife in different areas, or not. Our sensor scans 360º and detects animals in a range of 1km.

All environmental conditions

Detects and tracks animals as small as rabbits, even in complete darkness, in all weather conditions.

Reduce false alarms

It allows operators to have more control over the system and ultimately increases their trust in it.

Reliable detection

Intelligent software can precisely differentiate animals from other entities by analysing size, movement patterns, and behavioural characteristics.

Wildlife Conservation

Because it requires minimal infrastructure and covers vast areas, it gives wildlife conservation areas full awareness of what's on your site.

Radar solutions for security

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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