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Intelligent Transport Systems

ClearWay™ 360° Radar Solution

The ITS safety system for highways, tunnels, and bridges.

Navtech Radar’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system can provide further actionable data, such as vehicle count and classification.


Customisable software with rules-based alerts

Whilst using analytics to interpret camera images is relatively widespread, interpreting radar imagery has been harder to achieve. Navtech engineers developed our radar analytics software in-house. It interprets raw data from the radar to deliver simple alerts to operators. 

The use of rules in the software means the system can be configured to meet your automatic incident detection specifications ensuring high detection and low false alarm rates. Navtech is experienced in delivering multiple requirements on a single project. Following the initial installation of the radar, remote access helps keep road workers out of harm’s way by enabling all set up and ongoing system optimisation to be carried out away from the roadside.


360° long-range radar cover the entire roadway

Our ClearWay radar work in poor visibility, detecting across long stretches of roadway using fewer sensors, with a 360° field-of-view and a range of up to 1km.

Radar is an active sensor, meaning it sends and receives its own signal. In contrast, passive sensors rely on characteristics in the environment for detection: video cameras rely on light to illuminate the scene, and thermal cameras rely on the heat signature of an object. It is radar’s uninterrupted performance in adverse conditions that means you can rely on it to work at the most critical times, including in harsh tunnel environments.

When you need it most

ClearWay works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen. Roads are dynamic environments that can quickly become challenging: whether it’s low sun reflecting in a driver’s eyes, heavy rain causing spray, or dense fog impairing visibility. In these circumstances, alternative technologies fail, and radar continues to work, improving road safety at the most critical times. Navtech’s ITS technology works covered in dust and dirt in the operationally challenging tunnel environment with no cleaning required.

Poor visibility

It works in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen: in heavy rain, fog, snow, complete darkness, and bright sunlight.

Harsh tunnel environments

It works covered in dust and dirt in the operationally challenging tunnel environment with no cleaning required.

Unconnected highways

Its works where you have no fibre infrastructure, saving you costly associated infrastructure work with our with Cloud 4G option

Standalone problem hotspots

It works at standalone problem hotspots, such as on off-ramps for wrong-way driver detection, or fog-prone parts of your road network.

Across long stretches of road

It works at scale across long stretches of road with long-range radar covering the entire freeway

View our technical specifications

Learn about the CTS radar, KTS radar, and the edge processing unit.

Advancing safety, improving journeys

Detect stopped vehicles and wrong-way drivers in seconds, monitor traffic, and collect actionable data all with the same system. Proven to be effective over large, national schemes covering 250+ miles and on smaller schemes of just a few radar, with high detection and low false alarm rates, ClearWay delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient.

Multiple capabilities from a single system

The same system will deliver multiple applications with no additional infrastructure required, reducing the number of technologies you need to install and manage.

360° coverage across the entire freeway or tunnel

Alternative technologies only provide a snapshot of your network. ClearWay provides 360° coverage across the entire freeway automatically alerting operators and setting warning signs 24/7.

No servicing or maintenance for 10+ years

Our radar need no cleaning, maintenance or servicing for their 10+ years keeping roadworkers out of harm's way.

Infinitely scalable

With our Cloud and 4G option, you can trial and then scale our technology without installing servers and fibre. Operators can manage alerts across all your road, tunnel, and bridge projects from a single login.

Customisable software with rule-based alerts

You can precisely define what is a stopped vehicle on your network so operational teams only get the alerts they need.

Navtech in-house experts

Our technology is designed and manufactured in-house. It means we have the experts on hand to provide effective end-to-end support.

ClearWay technical specifications

The CTS and KTS are Navtech’s ClearWay ITS radar. They are designed to operate in different a frequency band while delivering the same level of performance.

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