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Position Detection

Centimetre-level position detection is a challenge for traditional sensing technologies, especially in harsh weather conditions and poor lighting.

Radar delivers unrivalled performance when you need it most.

Radar for Position Detection

Robust position detection in all conditions for mission-critical applications

Understanding the precise location of an industrial autonomous vehicle or Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) is critical to its safe and successful navigation. Traditional positioning technologies, such as GNSS, can have issues with multipath, jamming, spoofing and solar activities, hindering the accuracy of the positioning data.

Navtech’s Robust Automation Sensors (RAS) can be relied upon in mission-critical applications where precision and reliability are essential. Having a sophisticated point cloud and onboard algorithm means our radars can achieve centimetre-level precision in all weather and light conditions, when you need it most.

They can be operated in either high-resolution or long-range modes, adaptable to suit your application’s needs. Due to their robust design, which has been engineered for harsh environments, our radars require no regular cleaning or maintenance. Integration is simple via UDP or TCP, and configuring the sensors is easy through the web interface, enabling quick set-up for optimal performance. With a fast update rate of 10Hz, our systems deliver timely and accurate data for critical decision-making, empowering you with actionable data in real-time.

Radar for Position Detection Example use cases

Linear positioning of ship-to-shore cranes alongside a quarry in a dusty environment: The radar can be used in tandem with a passive reflector to provide centimetre distance measurements. Processing on board the radar allows target information to be output with range and bearing information over User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

Train wagon gap-spotting where dust is an issue: The radar can be set up to detect gaps in a wagon for accurate indexing, even in dusty environments.

Wall detection for tele-remote operation on vehicles: Radar can be installed on underground vehicles to reliably detect the distance to the walls of the mine even when covered in dust.

Object detection from a moving vehicle: With a range of 600m the RAS6 is ideal for long-range and wide-area perception tasks.

Infrastructure-based ship guidance system for berthing operations: A radar system can provide real-time measurements of approaching vessels’ angles, distances, and speeds, enabling safer and more efficient docking in all weather conditions.

Shiploader hatch detection: For automated ship loaders, two radar systems working perpendicularly can detect a ship’s hatch to help position the pouring of bulk into the hull of the ship.

Unrivalled resolution in any condition

Best-in-class resolution with a narrow pencil beam, ensuring accurate positioning in any condition.

Configured to your application

Radars can be configured to operate in high-resolution or long-range modes, tailored to optimise performance for specific applications.

Robust industry-approved design

Requires no regular cleaning or maintenance and boasts an extremely robust design, making it perfectly suited for deployment in harsh environments.

Easy integration with real-time updates

Integration is simple via UDP or TCP, and the system offers a real-time update rate of up to 10Hz, ensuring timely and accurate data for critical decision-making.


The Robust Automation Sensor (RAS) family of radars provide a live view of their surroundings, presenting solid or reflective objects distinctly from their surroundings. The high-resolution Radars produce their output either through streamed “radar video” or as a network source of range and bearing point data, allowing them to be easily integrated with your system.

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