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Airside Operations

Cost-effective, high-resolution radar-based solution for airside operations.

Our insight-rich solution automates operations for a safer environment, enhancing overall safety through advanced technology and data-driven approaches.

Navtech’s airside solutions deliver accuracy and reliability, optimising safety and operational efficiency while managing costs. Seamless integration with other systems, such as ADS-B, enables automatic, continuous operations for precise detection and situational awareness in diverse conditions.

The system efficiently automates tasks like runway incursion monitoring, FOD detection, CP line monitoring, and apron monitoring, mitigating human error and reducing expenses. The long-range 360° sensors provide coverage of up to 3km line-of-sight, with minimal infrastructure requirements. Each installation is meticulously customised, ensuring guaranteed performance. Navtech Radar’s unparalleled customer support extends from initial specification throughout the system’s lifespan, assuring clients of dedicated assistance and a tailored approach to meet their specific airside operational needs.

Unwavering commitment to safety

Navtech’s safety solution automates multiple airside operations and optimises safety. It provides reliable detection in all weather and light conditions, mitigating the risks of human error and often reducing costs.

Integrated with friend or foe detection, it eliminates nuisance alarms from authorised personnel, which allows airside operators to deal with a genuine threat before it can disrupt operations.

Why Navtech Radar?

Our sensors, designed for a decade-long lifespan, minimise operating costs with service intervals of 3 to 5 years or none.

Our unparalleled customer service extends throughout the sensor’s lifetime. Navtech’s proven technology supports over 5,000 operational radars, and we assure the performance of each installation tailored to its designated site.

Airside monitoring solution for safer cost-effective airside operations

Our intelligent, rules-based solution provides full situational awareness for complex airside operations, such as runway incursions, foreign object debris (FOD) detection, and critical part (CP) line monitoring, in all weather and light conditions. 

AdvanceGuard for Airports

Reliable detection inside and outside the perimeter, enabling multiple airside safety and security operations.

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