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AdvanceGuard Innovation Makes HDR100 Service-Free

At Navtech we're always innovating to improve our products and the latest HDR100 radar enhances both safety and lifetime costs

Navtech Radar has announced that its HDR100 radars, used in AdvanceGuard installations, will now be produced with direct drive motors that have been designed in-house. This technology removes all wearing parts, so the radars will no longer require servicing and can be left in situ for the entire 10-year lifespan of the product.

Not having to service radars provides key benefits in terms of safety and cost of ownership. Previously, radars have been serviced every 5 years, with the user having to return the product to Navtech. This can involve work at height, sometimes with rented specialist equipment, to remove the radar. Removal and reinstallation can also take a day or two, which may have productivity impacts and require the user to make interim arrangements, such as hiring a temporary replacement radar or hiring security guards.

Direct drive takes radars a step closer to automatic, uninterrupted operation

With direct drive motors, all servicing is eliminated and the radar can simply be left for a decade to do its work. This ensures that the safety and security that AdvanceGuard provides is maintained 24/7/365 throughout the radar’s lifespan, giving users uninterrupted service, safety and reliability from the moment their system is installed.


Simonas Mikuzis, Security Segment Leader of Navtech Radar is pleased with this latest evolution in AdvanceGuard technology:
“Radars are evolving to serve users’ needs, and in particular to provide uninterrupted security throughout the product life cycle. This reflects and supports a key benefit of AdvanceGuard, which is that the entire system works automatically, and is being continually improved. Of course, Navtech will still be supporting, servicing and fixing all previous iterations of our radar, but if customers prefer, we can retro-fit the new direct drive motor to their existing product,” he says.


During the product lifetime, the radar will rotate up to 1.3 billion times. Service-free radars will continuously monitor your site from the point of installation with no scheduled downtime.

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