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Innovation Lab

The latest radar-based innovations and developments, inspired by key customer insights. Brought to life by our in-house product management and R&D teams.

These solutions are not yet launched to market, we continuously innovate and our Innovation Lab provides an overview of just some of the trials and POC (poof of concept) work we've worked on, commonly in conjunction with a lead customer.

What we’ve been working on

Read about the latest innovations using our 360° radar sensors
Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation
Radar-Based Localisation for Vessels in GNSS-Limited Environments

Assisting ship navigation with an accurate and robust solution.

Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation
High Resolution Radar Solution for Vessel Traffic Services

Navtech's W-band radar enhances VTS systems with detection up to 3km, improving situational awareness and traffic monitoring.

Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation
Automated Vehicles in Smart Container Ports

Enabling automated guided vehicles to efficiently manage the demands on the port industry.

Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation
Radar Sensor for Agricultural Automation

The opportunity to trial a cost-effective, single-sensor solution for agricultural automation to increase the efficiency and safety of your operations.

Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation
Radar Solutions for Situational Awareness on Marine Vessels

How radar-assisted situational awareness can reduce risks and improve efficiency in the maritime industry.

Radar Solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems
Detecting Environmental Changes using 360° FMCW Radar

ClearWay™ is our automatic incident detection (AID) system which utilises our long-range, high-resolution radar sensors, combined with sophisticated software, to detect and track all activity on a highway.

Radar Solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems
Urban Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Accurately detect all vehicle types, in all weather and light conditions, with minimal infrastructure. Making roads safer and reducing journey time in our towns and cities with wide area accurate detection.

Radar Solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems
Incursion Detection for Road Worker Safety

Improving safety for road workers with rapid, fully-automated wide area detection of vehicle incursions, in all weather and light conditions.

Radar Solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems
Temporary Traffic Management Radar

Fully automated detection in all weather and light conditions, Improving traffic flow and driver safety through roadworks.

Radar Solutions for Security
Automated Aerial Security Surveillance

Enhancing security with an automated solution that detects, alerts, and provides visual information from above.

Innovation is in our DNA

Providing solutions built on world-class innovation, tailored to your unique challenges.

Products born from innovation

Navtech’s strong emphasis on technical innovation and design means much of our product development has evolved out of client requests for bespoke product features.

The first step for developing each of our products is market insight. Customer feedback is vital to ensure our products continue to deliver the highest levels of safety and efficiency, where it is needed most. Traditional sensing technologies can have their limitations, particularly in adverse weather. Our patented 360° radar sensors work in all-weather and light conditions, placing them in the unique position to solve the most complex problems for our clients.

Want the opportunity to influence the development of our products?

We are on the lookout for early adopters looking to carry out proof of concept trials.

By integrating these innovative solutions into your systems, you are given the opportunity to influence the development of these new products for your application, before their formal launch.

We want to share our ethos of continuous improvement, which is built into Navtech Radar’s DNA. We aim to imagine and build systems to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, and hope that by sharing our development we can bring others on that journey with us.

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