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Watch Back the AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe Webinar

About this Webinar

During this webinar Dale Jones and Simonas Mikuzis explain how our AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe works to accurately distinguish between legitimate and unauthorised activity. Enabling you to quickly intercept intruders before they become a risk, even in poor weather conditions.

Webinar Q&A
There were several questions asked during the webinar, here we address each of them. If you still have a question don't hesitate to contact us.

1. What is the frequency band?
AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe is made up of two complimentary technologies. The radar operates between 76-77GHz and there is also a 35GHz option available. The Friend or Foe hardware has various frequency bands depending on your geographical location: USA: 900MHz; AUS; 900MHz EU; 868MHz.

2. Can the Friend or Foe frequency operate within a densely built up area?
For optimal performance AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe requires good line of sight. During the site design stage, the best location for the receivers will be identified to enable this.

3. How does the RF antenna connect to the server? Does each antenna have a specific IP?
The antenna connects to the receiver module, which normally would be located at each radar location. The receiver itself is an IP device and using the local network it will communicate with the server.

4. How frequently does the Friend or Foe solution update data?
The update is done in real-time, with a refresh rate of 1Hz. For additional security, the data is also encrypted. Unlike other solutions, this solution does not update upon data requests and intermittent 3G or 4G services.

5. Can the trackers work in hazardous areas?
The system has not currently been approved for use within hazardous environments, but this could be considered if this is a requirement for a project.

6. Does the AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe Solution require maintenance?
There are no recurring costs and there is very little maintenance required. The vehicle tracker is permanently hard wired into the vehicle and there is no maintenance at all. A battery replacement on a personal tracker can easily be done by a trained person on site.

7. What is the range of the vehicle and personnel trackers?
The solution has a range up to 1 to 2km depending on conditions. It uses real-time GPS tracking, providing continual updates to operators.

8. How easy is it to cover an area like an airport for example?
It is very easy. We perform a site survey to assess the best locations for the receivers. The receivers are usually installed at each radar location.

9. Does the solution require a ratio of one antenna per radar?
Not necessarily. It is all dependent on how complex the site is and how much area is covered by radar. So long as we can achieve a good line of sight, then we will achieve optimum coverage.

10. Is the central server Windows, Linux or a black box?
The solution operates in a Linux environment. The server itself will have identical specifications to our AdvanceGuard server.

11. Are there any training or accreditation requirements?
AdvanceGuard Friend of Foe is an intuitive solution, requiring very little training. During commissioning, site engineers will happily guide you through the solution to ensure users can take full advantage of all the features available.

12. Can the solution automatically determine people, vehicles, planes etc?
Yes. AdvanceGuard can accurately classify most objects. A recent addition to the system is ADS-B integration, identifying planes on site.

13. As radar detects moving targets, how does the operator know when an intruder stops moving?
The system provides the operator with what we call a track holding. It specifically monitors stationary objects for verification.

Additionally, it logs the last known location and directs the camera to the location until movement is detected again.

14. Can AdvanceGuard detect objects such as boats moving on water surface?
AdvanceGuard is effective and accurate detecting on land, sky and over water.

15. Are there other integrations available, other than Milestone?
Yes, AdvanceGuard integrates with multiple VMS providers including Milestone, Genetec, Dallmeier to name a few. We have our own API which can be used to integrate with many other VMS and PSIM systems.

16. How many airports are using AdvanceGuard across the globe?
AdvanceGuard is installed worldwide. Currently there are 46 international airports benefitting from enhanced security and safety thanks to AdvanceGuard and it is fully supported from the UK.

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