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Security Solutions

Water Desalination

Wide area surveillance in all environmental conditions.

Automatically detects and tracks unlimited targets inside and outside the perimeter.

Ensuring the safety and security of water desalination plants’ perimeters requires preventative measures to avoid unauthorised access, sabotage, or theft. The remote locations and vast areas of these plants further complicate the task of monitoring and responding to potential threats to ensure uninterrupted and safe freshwater production.

Navtech’s security solution for desalination plants provides continuous monitoring of all activity inside and outside the perimeter. The intelligent, rules-based software can create multiple alarm zones with distinct rules. Layered security levels can be created to provide advance warning before a breach occurs. The system is integrated with friend or foe identification tags, which allows operators to see the exact location of friendly assets and non-cooperative targets for a coordinated response. In case of a rule breach, the system automatically generates an alarm and directs the cameras to the target to provide visual verification for operators.

Integrated Security Solution (ISS)

The system is fully integrated with most vide management systems (VMS), cameras, automatic identification systems (AIS), physical security information management (PSIM) systems, and ADAM relays.

Once it is integrated with cameras, it takes control of them in the event of a rule breach and directs them to provide visual verification of targets. This allows the operators to respond swiftly and efficiently in case of a security threat.

Cost-effective solution

Sensors are designed to last for 10 years without the need for cleaning. Maintenance intervals range from 3 to 5 years or not at all.

Each sensor can cover up to 5km radius or 79km², meaning only a few sensors are needed to cover a vast area, resulting in fewer infrastructure requirements and lower operational costs.

From sand and dust storms to complete darkness

Operating in all weather and environmental conditions, Navtech's security solution gives operators full situational awareness of the site in any conditions, including sandstorms and complete darkness.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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