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security solution

AdvanceGuard for Security

High-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software.

Operates automatically and uninterruptedly for complete situational awareness in all weather and light conditions.

For complex, active sites

AdvanceGuard’s rules-based software is developed in-house, designed to seamlessly process data from our high-definition sensors and present it through a user-friendly interface. Within seconds of a rule breach, the intelligent solution analyses the behaviour of the breach and notifies the control team, significantly reducing false alarm rates and bolstering user confidence in the system.

The solution is fully integrated with other Integrated Security Systems (ISS), meaning operators gain full situational awareness of the site and beyond its perimeter from a single screen. In the event of a security protocol being triggered, the software promptly provides precise coordinates of the intrusion to the cameras, which then track the targets to give the operators a clear visual confirmation of the situation. Multiple alarm zones can be created to provide distinct security alarms. Post-incident, the system allows for a detailed review of all the events, providing the security team with invaluable insights to refine and strengthen their security protocols, ensuring continuous improvement in safeguarding the premises.

Technical Information

HDR351 Radar Up to 5km range
HDR300 Series Up to 3km range
HDR200 Series Up to 1km range
HDR100 Series High-precision for small areas

Our longest-range radar with up to 5km radius detection is ideal for industrial security and border monitoring applications where uncompromised, accurate long-range detection is essential.

Technical Specification
Indicative Range
Update Rate
Azimuth Beamwidth
Up to 5,000 metres
1 Hz
Up to 3,000 metres
1 Hz
1,000 metres
2-1 Hz
300 metres
4-1 Hz
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