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Security Solutions

Critical Infrastructure

Know what's on your site - and where.

Reliable intrusion detection solution for complex active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity occurs simultaneously.

AdvanceGuard offers a unified interface, displaying a digital map of the site with real-time movement tracking. Independent rules govern virtual zones, enabling alarms based on parameters like direction, speed, and classification. Layered alarms provide advance warnings for specific zones. Nuisance alarms are mitigated through friend or foe tags for authorised entities. Breaches trigger automatic alarms, directing cameras for visual verification.

The system detects and tracks unlimited targets, providing precise locations of intruders and friendly assets, empowering operators to respond effectively to incursions. Comprehensive information, including video management system (VMS) bookmarking, is recorded for post-event analysis, enhancing security management and response strategies. This integrated solution ensures a proactive approach to site security, combining advanced detection, classification, and response capabilities.


Borders often span vast areas with challenging terrain, limiting the effectiveness of physical deterrents. Infrastructure costs and maintenance of fences, for example, can be prohibitive, not to mention the lack of advance warning, risking delayed responses.

Navtech’s border security solution, covering a 5km radius or 79km², detects and tracks intruders, enabling proactive and effective countermeasures by operators.


Securing port perimeters presents challenges due to their expansive nature, diverse access points, and the constant flow of people and goods. The complexity of monitoring extensive waterfronts adds to the challenge.

Navtech’s security solution for ports, covering a 5km radius or 79km², features independent rules for virtual zones, enabling alarms based on the direction of travel, speed, and classification. Automatic identification system (AIS) integration ensures complete situational awareness for operators.

Integrated Security System for the most challenging security situations

Ranging up to 5km detection, with a 360° field of view, the solution offers high performance with minimal false alarms and full automation. Tailored for critical infrastructure, it excels in extreme environments, providing early threat detection and complete situational awareness.

Security Solutions

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

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