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Runway Incursion

Operating in the most challenging conditions, including total darkness, the solution monitors all runway and approach movements.

Radar for runway incursion

Track all runway activity, from protestors to authorised movement

Runway incursions represent a critical concern within airside operations, where the margin for error is virtually nonexistent. Even minor breaches can lead to severe consequences, including the risk of catastrophic accidents. This issue has gained prominence due to incidents involving protestors, significantly disrupting operations and endangering lives, underscoring a universal challenge faced by airports worldwide. Strict regulations aim to safeguard these vital areas from such threats.


Radar for runway incursion

Real-time, rules-based warning solution

Navtech addresses this challenge with its Runway Incursion warning solution. The system alerts the operators against unauthorised entries onto active runways by aircraft, vehicles, or individuals, potentially averting collisions, accidents, and operational disruptions. By delivering real-time warnings and automating alerts, the solution empowers operators to act swiftly. Its intelligent, rules-based software creates virtual zones on a digital map, tailored with independent rules based on classification, speed, and direction of travel. This sophisticated approach also minimises false alarms, bolstering confidence in the system’s reliability and enhancing overall airport safety protocols.

Full situational awareness Minimal infrastructure, maximum coverage

Requiring minimal infrastructure and civil works, radar sensors efficiently safeguard not just runway entry points but also secure all access routes, offering comprehensive coverage against unauthorised entries.

Early runway incursion warning

Detects and tracks unauthorised movement, pinpointing the intruders' exact location even before an incursion occurs to minimise disruption.

Integrated safety solution

A few sensors cover the entire airside, integrating with ADS-B, cameras, and video management systems (VMS) for comprehensive situational awareness.

Early warning with multiple geofences

Create multiple geofences with distinct alarm rules using conditions like the direction of travel and target classification.

All-weather reliable incursion warning

Navtech's Runway Incursion solution gives you reliable detection when you need it most, from complete darkness to rain and snow.

AdvanceGuard for Airports

When it is critical to know what’s on your site – and where – choose Navtech AdvanceGuard.

For complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur at the same time.

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