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Seeing is Believing - Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar

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Seeing is Believing

Join us this June at Seeing is Believing

Seeing is believing brings the ‘inside-out’ of highways maintenance and traffic management with both an indoor exhibition and outdoor demonstration zones.

Navtech Radar will be showcasing the award winning automatic incident detection solution, ClearWay.  A radar based high frequency technology signal that can penetrate complete darkness, the thickest smoke, fire and even the mist from the sprinklers. ClearWay also enables Smart Motorways, gathering traffic flow and processing the information in real time feeding back to drivers on the road, through displays and on board maps.

On the outdoor demonstration zone, Navtech Radar will be launching ClearWay’s new feature designed for road workers’ safety. Visit Navtech Radar on the demonstration zone to find out how radar technology provide advance warning for road workers when incursions to roadwork perimeters occur.


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