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Ostrava Airport

Czech Republic

Ostrava Airport has installed AdvanceGuard with real-time alerts to secure their perimeter. With real-time intruder detection and tracking, security patrols are able to intercept intruders quickly and minimise disruption to the airport.

Receives 310,000 passengers per year
Czech Reoublic's 3rd largest airport
Covering a 12km perimeter
Installed 4 radar

Complying to EU regulation for perimeter protection.

Ostrava Airport has seen increased pressure to update its security and site protection systems. With a growing threat of terrorism, the European Union legislation EC 300/2008 passed, dictating that all major airports need to have sufficient perimeter and airfield security to guard against terror threats. EU rules stipulating improved perimeter security measures meant that many European airports faced implementing effective, affordable solutions within a concise time frame.

Perimeter security at Ostrava Airport was previously a 12km fence, secured through patrols and CCTV images. These measures were deemed outdated and ineffective, and a more modern solution was required to secure the site. Ostrava Airport relied on CCTV to identify security breaches, but this was unreliable and inefficient. Instead, they needed to detect incidents more accurately to minimise the risk of disruption. Video analytics were deemed too expensive and ineffective as many cameras would have been needed to cover the irregular shape of the airport.


12km airside perimeter coverage

After a remote demonstration, the Ostrava team realised that Navtech’s AdvanceGuard for Airports security solution’s capabilities could improve their overall security system. We installed four radar sensors to provide the best site coverage and wide area detection.

Unlike alternative radar solutions that rely on a single radar, Navtech’s security solution is scalable, and we can integrate several sensors to prove coverage of the entire site. Ostrava Airport wanted the best site coverage and wide area detection with the lowest possible cost. They chose the Navtech security solution because it allowed an unparalleled value per square metre with an extremely low false alarm rate.

By using four compact radars, Navtech’s solution provided the highest degree of coverage. The site survey ensured the optimal AdvanceGuard radar model and installation location were chosen to address the airport’s unique challenges, such as long grass, signage, and perimeter fences. Each sensor detects a walking person as far as 1km from its position, giving the on-site staff plenty of advance warning and time to respond to potential threats more effectively inside and outside the fence.


Integrated Security System (ISS)

Navtech’s AdvanceGuard security solution was installed at Ostrava Airport and now provides the airport with advance warning of intruders. The radars were integrated with thermal cameras, allowing for easy identification of threats, quickly and precisely.

Each radar sensor scans 360° and can detect vehicles, humans, and animals in all weather conditions. It increases security effectiveness by automatically alerting operators to potential threats. This is done by highlighting targets on its user-friendly interface and controlling cameras to follow for easy verification. The software can be configured for each site’s unique requirements.

The solution can detect and track an unlimited number of targets simultaneously whilst automatically recording the history of movement. Advantages of using radar surveillance over alternative methods include operation in all weather and light conditions, and very low false alarm rates, resulting in high levels of operator trust, not to mention wide area surveillance both inside and outside the perimeter.

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