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Industrial Automation Solutions

Port Automation

Navtech's industrial-grade sensors provide reliable anti-collision detection in all weather and light conditions.

They easily integrate with existing systems and are maintenance-free for 10 years, avoiding costly disruption to your operations.

Radar sensors for automated ports

Reducing the risk of collision for automated loading machines and providing reliable data for automated stockpile profiling.

Low false alarm rates

Differentiating between machinery or debris and dangerous obstacles, so alarms are only raised when true collision threats are detected.

20+ years' field experience

Providing proven and reliable detection to the first radar-based navigation system for driverless port vehicles, since 2000.

Long-range operation

Long-range detection and 360° field of view to increase situational awareness for port automation on large sites.

Minimal maintenance

Designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years, our industrial-grade radar sensors are consistently reliable.

Industrial Automation Solutions

All-weather sensing for automated ports

In a rapidly evolving industry, where efficiency and safety are paramount, the challenge lies in finding a solution that can withstand the harsh coastal environment and high-risk industrial processes. Traditional sensors often falter in adverse conditions, leading to costly downtime. Increased efficiency relies on reliable and robust technology that can deliver consistent performance, regardless of weather or lighting conditions.

The world’s most advanced automated ports depend on Navtech sensors to enable reliable 24/7 operation, regardless of environmental conditions. Our sensors enable unmanned autonomous vehicles to navigate ports with unprecedented precision and safety. Embracing this technology presents an opportunity to enhance operational efficiency, worker safety, and environmental sustainability, setting a new standard for port automation in the modern era.

Proven technology for automated ports

Port Botany is the second busiest container port in Australia, so efficiency at the port is essential. They looked to industrial automation to fully optimise the port in the most cost-effective manner.

Navtech Radar sensors have been installed to enable reliable automation of the port’s straddle carriers. They allow for reliable, unmanned navigation 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. Navtech’s sensors have been enabling the fully automated operation of the port since 2013.

More than a technology partner

Navtech Radar has been at the forefront of innovation in the ports industry for over 20 years. Our collaborative approach with OEM companies has been instrumental in co-creating and implementing radar technology solutions that address specific challenges faced by port operators.

By working closely with OEMs, we ensure that our radar solutions seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure and meet the exact requirements of end-users, resulting in enhanced efficiency and safety in port operations.


Integrate our sensors with your industrial automation system, to unlock complete performance in any condition.

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